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Old story writer, trying to get back on the pony. Really just want to finish something.

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Looking for an editor · 5:53pm Nov 9th, 2012

Any fans of both My Little Pony and Stargate Universe out there?

I ask because as many may or may not know, I’m currently writing a crossover between these two franchises called My Little Destiny. Yes, I am fully aware of how shit that name is. I’ve always sucked at coming up with names and I wrote it a year ago.

Anyway, as time has gone on, I’ve come to a sinister realization: I need an editor. Someone too look over my work and examine it for errors in continuity and tone. I think I got most of that taken care of. But I can’t be certain. I just need a second set of eyes to look it over. Ensure it’s the best it can possibly be. I’ll also need them to be quick and not take a week or two to read it, if that’s possible.

So, is anyone interested in helping me out? Please!?

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Well sorry that I can't help you (I know nothing about Stargate), but you might want to post on Ponychan, there're a lot of people over there willing to take a look at your new chapters.

sorry, my know-how is more toward the newer Ancient tech like Atlantis, not Destiny. but if i have a free moment I'd be happy to help you out with anything you need.

by the way, have you tried speaking Ancient? it's hard....


Well, the reason why they would have to be an SGU fan is so they would know the characters, not the tech.

487363 i know, but the offer stands; i'll help anyway i can.


Oh, I missed that second half.:twilightblush:

487453 so, what are you going to do for tomorrow? I invite you to watch it on BronyState with myself and a few others on the ■Twilight Sparkle Room List. here's the website: http://www.bronystate.net/theater/

Season 3, I mean.

Ooh! A Stargate Universe crossover fic! I'd help you in any way you need to be helped...if that makes sense.:rainbowhuh::twilightblush:


Well, I know I'm meeting up with some local fans, we've got a meetup planned. Though I don't know what time it's at. I want to watch it live early, if only so I can write my review, but I think we're watching it in the evening.

I know ALOT about SGU, SG1 & SGA if you need any help?:twistnerd:

I've never actually seen Stargate, but crossovers with it usually turn out well. Good Luck.

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