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Remember That One Story I Wrote? Me Neither. 💖

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    Tidying Up. ~ Story Cancellation And Removal Update.

    After much careful thought.

    I've decided to clean up my stories page a tiny bit.

    That said I'm removing Three Stories, which are M Rated.

    I honestly just am not into M Rated Stuff, I myself would feel far more comfortable if they were removed.


    The Muse.

    In The End


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    Click, click, click, click... ~ Typing Intensifies ~

    My spirit to write has grown more recently, I have tons of ideas I'm working on at the moment.

    But the one project I'm pouring my heart into right now is, Remember Me.

    Though I do have others in the wings, including Late Night Mangoes, which I have not forgotten.

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  • Thursday
    Remember Me, Is Going To Now Be Episodic.

    For those interested, Remember Me will be split into Six Episodes.

    Each with ten to fifteen chapters each, this way my project can be far neater in how I present it.

    If I kept it all as one big story, I'd add tags and subtract others.

    This way I can build up the story, without giving away too much.

    Just giving a heads up, so you can understand how things will be going forward.

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    Inner Peace. 💖

    Lovely news as of recent.

    I've found a sense of tranquility and peace in my life.

    For those who might not have known, I've been dealing with heavy depression since last year.

    I had lost someone in my family who I loved and cherished.

    With her passing, I had just about fell over the edge.

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    Found This Picture Online...

    All I could think about was...

    Flurry Heart Hunts Down Ponies With Love Arrows.


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I'm Gonna Talk About... · 11:15pm May 4th, 2019

I'm doing a genuine blog...huh?

Yes I'm talking about fairies!

As a kid I used to love those things, I had Fairy wallpaper, I had a Fairy Garden and even one of those wind up Fairy toys!

That I promptly smacked my sister upside the head with...and my mom!

Maybe even broke a window…

But that aside, I was a total fairy dork.

Fern Gully was my jam, I rented it so much from our movie store that my mom just ended up buying it to own.

I remember even wearing like a generic Fairy shirt to my school photo once in like the third grade, I had a dumb smile across my face thinking I was hot stuff. When in reality I was a huge dork, maybe not as dorky as a the kid with the Monster Blood Goosebumps shirt...but up there.

I drove my mom crazy to build me a Fairy Garden, that was like my one huge thing to ask for! My sister asked for a new car, my brother asked for new clothes yet here I am asking for a Garden to meet mythical creatures in.

If you're unfamiliar what a Fairy Garden is, well it's a very tiny little village you can build in your garden. Mine was made of porcelain and consisted of like thirteen fairy houses, a bird bath, a few mushroom hideaways and tons of wildlife friends!

I was a rip-off Fluttershy!

My dad not only bought me this collection but even planted us a huge garden to place it in, nowadays you can find Fairy Garden collectables like at a Dollar Store but back in the day I figured it was a bit harder.

I could just picture my dad, this big tough guy walking around town in search of these houses that a fairy can live in.

I loved the garden!

I would sit outside every night and place various drinks in thimbles hoping to meet a real life fairy, pretend my porcelain creatures were alive and of course…

Through The Power Of IMAGINATION!

I'd become a Fairy Myself, going on tons of wacky adventures!

Yeah I was a odd kid, not that I'm not an odd adult…

My Fairy Garden is just much bigger nowadays… :3.

So did you guys ever believe in like Mythical Creatures as kids?

Ever become fans of them like I did?

Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear about it!

Lastly, I'd like to give a Shout-out to TheCyanideFairy not because of the name though.

I've read their stuff, it's well written and very interesting!

I had a blast just reading through like two stories so far, they do deal in Fallout Equestria but I say give it a shot!

Each story is Bite Sized and imo full of Character, I find it odd that their read count is so low.

So if you will please check it out.

That's about it, for my first real blog.

I might make more, just based off like whatever.

Hope you enjoyed, stay awesome!

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Comments ( 20 )

Oi, my enigma!

How does you work?

Huh thought provoking

Awww, no worries we'll just get a paradox in you and you'll be right as rain!


Hmmmm...let me think.

Oi, everything I say is a lie.

Yet I can only tell the truth.

Knew it!

Just look at that swagger-stache!:raritystarry:

-.-- --- ..- .----. .-. . / .- .-- . ... --- -- . -.-.--


I believe in many things, Mythical Creatures being one of them. I’m only a teenager so eh.
I’m not a huge dork though. But you gotta love those guys.

Anyways, yeah. Mythical Creatures is something I’ve believed in my whole life, no matter what I was told about how it wasn’t real. I still believe they exist now.
Mostly cause of the Multiverse theory though. If there wasn’t one then I’d probably have not become who I am today, a crazy guy that likes to see a smile!

But also is sadistic and imagines bloody scenes with tortured screams, the poor things just begging to die

That got dark lol.:rainbowlaugh:

I mean, the "multiverse theory" has several glaring in holes in it...
Quantum physics isn't settled. While that is the dominant theory, it is far from the only major one.

I can be like that sometimes. 😉

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