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Tumbleweed vs. The Point of No Return · 1:10am Apr 29th, 2019

I could make a Phantom of the Opera joke here but there are some depths that even I will not sink to.

In any case, it's Sunday! I've been in something of a weird spot all day, as I ... actually accomplished the stuff I had on my "to do" list, and am now sort of languishing for the net few hours before I have to return to the working world like a proper adult. Oh, and I saw that new Avengers movie which has got me kind of in a weird place (and I don't even fanboy that hard for the Avengers), so ... yeah. Also I think everyone in Game of Thrones is being murdered by ice zombies as I type this?

But I digress.


And, well, it's good to have a Twilight-centric episode after last week. And, to be honest, it's mostly a light and goofy thing, with the barest hint of a moral in there. And that's fine? Like, it's got some nice continuity nods, but at the same time this could've easily been plunked into season one or two, and nobody would really notice. Which is fine! If nothing else a throwback to a classic "Twilight freaks out over nothing" bit is on-brand with the show. Or ... something.

Though really, Twilight, don't you know you just dump the overdue book in the night-drop box and pretend things never happened? And then you "lose" your old library card so you have to get a new one so the potential stain of an overdue book is thusly forgotten. But that's Chaotic Good thinking, vs. strict Lawful Good.

(I also played some D&D over the weekend).

Aaaaanyway, that was an entertaining enough way to spend twenty minutes or so, even if it didn't really floor me one way or another. Though that might be Carrot Top's sister working at the old folks' home ... but that may be just me reaching for relevance because I am a hack like that.

Although, sidenote-- given Twilight's bibliophilia, has anybody fanarted some derivation of Twilight into cosplaying Yomiko Readman yet? Because seriously, fandom. Somebody should've thought of that years ago.

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Comments ( 5 )
Author Interviewer

I ... actually accomplished the stuff I had on my "to do" list

I wonder what that feels like ;_;


I wonder what that feels like ;_;

Life hack: write "Procrastinate' at the top of your to-do list to get that sense of accomplishment and achievement

Silly Tumbleweed, everyone knows Twilight Sparkle is always Lawful. It might be Good, Neutral, or even Evil depending on the day of the week—but it's always Lawful.

Yes. Twilight is a firm believer in the Rules, and the necessity of them.

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