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MLP: FIM "The Beginning of the End" S9-E1&2 [SPOILER ALERT] · 12:03am Apr 7th, 2019

Okay, so, I just saw the season premiere.

Like, when the trailer came out and we found out Celestia and Luna were going to retire, I went "What the fuck" for thirty minutes straight. Like, that's so out of nowhere, why?! Are two eternal beings really going to give up on the power they were born to control and just go on a nice cruise?!

But when I saw the episode, you know, it all had a lot more of sense.

I've been crying over this final season since it was announced. I can't even begin to tell you how much this show means to me... it ending, I just... can't.

But it's been a great run as long as it has lasted, so I'm very grateful for it. At least I get to watch weekly as the final countdown runs. That's a privilege. I hope they post the new seasons on Netflix, though.

I love that they have decided to finally give back the focus to our six favorite ponies! I love them being back the focus!

Now the episode:

So we have Twilight and Friends running all the way to Canterlot, thinking something bad could have happened because of some urgent message from the Divine Princesses (that's how I call them, deal with it). Turns out, they only wanted to announce they were retiring, and expect six perfectly common citizens taking over the Kingdom! Nothing weird here. Celestia does have good points, though. And I love journalist Discord, subtly trying to convince Celestia of giving him the power, and Celestia, like, bluntly pointing at Twilight.

So then, after some reassurance and some twilighting (my favorite new verb), the girls have a meeting on their throne room (like, seriously, didn't you saw it coming with your own thrones?) over what to do. And the Mane 5 are surprisingly cool about it! I wonder how that'll go.

Discord popping out of nowhere was great! I love what they're doing with him.

We have Cozy Glow being Cozy Glow and Lord Tirek being annoyed. And we see a Chrysalis that kinda looks... a little bit out of it. And, oh goodie, Sombra!? And who the hell is that goat?! Am I supposed to be scared of this Grogar guy? At least Sombra, Chrysalis and Tirek have a design that actually makes them look evil. This guy is a big, blue goat!

Anyway, he's supposed to be a bad guy that makes even ole Tirek tremble with fear. Like, they made a villain club with my favorite villains: Chrysalis, Sombra, and Tirek. This promises to be good.

Next thing next, Sombra tries to take over the Crystal Empire: for the SECOND time. And this time, he has an advantage: he's playing with the safety of a child, and anyone knows Shinning Armor and Cadence would go as low as bowing to him to ensure Flurry Heart's safety. But Cadence is clever enough to call upon Twilight and Friends, and they arrive to save the day, once more! And it's yay for them, but suddenly...

SOMBRA COMES BACK! And this time, he attacks the Tree of Harmony, thus destroying the Elements!

Clap! End of the first episode.

And as Twilight twilights over the fact in the second one, Sombra goes to Ponyville and literally controls the whole town and turns them into sombrafied zombies! And the girls get out of their prison... digging. Which kinda makes sense they didn't the past times because they were in a solid crystal base, and now they are in... soil.

So they escape, but they're so focused on saving Ponyville from the attack of the Everfree Forest that they forget the main problem: Saving Equestria from the attack King Sombra.

So Sombra barges into Canterlot Castle without resistance at all and takes over the city. In the meantime, the girls have been for hours fighting against the Forest when suddenly... BANG! CELESTIA AND LUNA, B*TCH! THEY COME IN BEING THE PRINCESSES THEY ARE AND ALL IT'S GREAT AS THEY DEAL WITH THE PROBLEMS! With the help of Starswirl the Bearded :yay:

So the Mane 6 leave to go to Canterlot when, surprise surprise, they find themselves with a situation: in order to get into the city, they have to fight their way through their friends. And Dash's all "big deal!" and tried to go in flying, but (and here comes the moment I was expecting A LOT) the Wonderbolts stop her! So anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Soarindash, so the moment I saw Soarin zombified (and the rest of the 'Bolts too) I fangirled. A lot. I don't know why.

So they eventually indeed fight their way into the city (some Fancy PantsXRarity there for you) and stumble upon... Discord! Who actually helps and brags about it to the girls (which I really liked), saying he does it for friendship but that Fluttershy is her favorite. And since Sombra's an *ss, he directly attacks Fluttershy.


So he is "hurt" (which I don't buy a bit) and encourages the Mane 6 to stick together and trust themselves with a very emotional speech I really loved, and the girls do. They stand up, make their way to Sombra, and repel him very Equestria-Girls-style, and save the day! Whoopie!

When everything's good after the Miraculous Ladybug, Celestia and Luna come back and announce... They're not retiring after all! For now. Instead, they'll wait until twilight and Company are ready for it. And everyone hugs and laughs and Discord blows a fuss.

But while everything's good on the side of our heroes... The villain team has lost a member, and Grogar decides to use Sombra to set a precedent. Whoever tries to go against him, will end up just as the King of Shadows, and the rest of our villains reluctantly agree to stick with Grogar as he laughs evilly to close the episode...

This promises :ajsmug:

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Comments ( 2 )

Grogar was a major villain in gen 1. He was so powerful, that the only way to defeat him was to ring the bell he had hidden away.

They've even mentioned the bell in the season 9 premiere, although very briefly. The dude was a necromancer, so that would explain how he brought Sombra back.

Oh, I didn't knew that! Thank you so much for letting me know!!!

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