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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.

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The Top Ten Chapters of Flash Sentry Chronicles · 7:27am Mar 25th, 2019

On Halloween, 2016, the first chapter of my very first MLP fanfiction was released. It had terrible spelling and grammar issues, I wasn't whether it had actually been published and the I had zero clue where the story was going at the time.

But since then, I have released one new chapter of that series pretty much once a week. Over that time, I gained an editor in the form of AandWguy, learnt how to properly write and actually came up with an overarching plot for my series.

And now we have hit a mile stone. Soon I'll be releasing the final chapter of my eighth story in the season, which included the hundredth chapter of the series.

And what masterpiece chapter holds the illustrious title of hundredth chapter you say. Well, it was...Bats...yeah, didn't realise that until after the chapter was wrote, edited and published.

But even so, such a feat I believe deserves to be acknowledged. Which is why we're here today, to talk about the top ten chapters of the entire series. As decided by you.

Keep in mind, this is only following the chapters from the Defenders of the Piece series. As such, if your favourite chapter of my work is from another series, then it won't show up here. Any way, let's get to counting down the top ten chapters of Defenders of the Piece.

Number 10
The Storm of Friendship

Starting things off we have the chapter where Flash and Twilight's bond was first formed.

The Chapter involves Flash saving the filly from of group of bullies before bringing her to his treehouse home to wait out the storm. There, the two get to know each other as Twilight learns the truth behind Flash. Many of the PMs I received asking for this chapter, said they enjoyed the cute moments that lead up to the friendship forming. Makes sense that the chapter where the story divides from cannon continuity is placed on here.

Twilight opened up the blanket and wrapped it around him, bringing them close inside the woollen cocoon. She soon placed her head into the crook of his neck to rest. It wasn't long before sleep took them both, though they weren't easy sleeps. Flash's was a half awake state as he kept an ear out for any dangers that might come close, while Twilight's was a guilt filled dream.

She had thought of him as nothing more then a thief, taking what he wanted out of greed, not necessity. She knew now that the food he took was probably the only way he could feed himself. He was called a pest or trouble maker for it because he didn't know any better. She had never known that there were ponies living like this, especially one around her age. And yet, here he was. But even though he lived a constant struggle of stealing and surviving, he had still helped her. She decided then that when this storm had passed, she wouldn't leave him. She would help him the way he had helped her.

Number 9
Hearts and Hooves Day

Once of the many episode rewrites I've done over the series, this one loosely follows the story of Hearts and Hooves Day but shows us what everyone except the CMC are doing. In it, we get to follow the relationships of Iron and Fluttershy, Rainbow and Soarin, Pinkie and Wild, Spike and Rarity before ending the chapter with Flash and Twilight.

What everyone seems to think sells this chapter are the couples themselves. Though at this point, none of them are couples. We see Iron and Soarin meeting Fluttershy and Rainbow's parents. Pinkie and Wild spending the day with the Cake Twins, a callback to the first full chapter they shared together. Rarity discovering Spike's creative skills with dressmaking. And ending the day with Flash and Twilight being completely oblivious. And all the while keeping the CMC's story line going on in the background.

Simply watching their relationships grow is what everyone seems to enjoy most in my stories. Ironic that when I started I figured the romance is what I'd be terrible at, only for a chapter involving nothing but romance to by one of my most loved.

Whether your a die-hard ship or just someone who enjoys a nice romantic story, this chapter is for you.

As the kettle finished boiling and she poured out the hot chocolate, Flash arrived and sat at the table. Twilight magicked the mugs over and sat down, handing one mug to Flash. Flash smiled as he took the mug a held it up. "Happy Hearts and Hooves Day."

Twilight nodded and raised her mug, clanging it against Flash's before taking a sip. "You think next year we'll be spending this day with our own special somepony?" Twilight asked.

Flash thought about what she had said, nodding at the question. "You maybe, but I don't have any plans to see anypony. All I care about is growing stronger and protecting my friends."

Twilight replied with a raised eyebrow. "Oh come on Flash. You must have some plans for the future."

Flash simply smirked at her. "You know I never think that far ahead."

Twilight smiled back, sipping at the cocoa. "I hope you do find somepony special."

"And I you."

The two continued to smile at each other, completely oblivious to the fact in front of them.

Number 8
Fantasia Festival

What do you get when you cross MLP with Fairy Tail? The closing arc of my first Defenders story.

The day after the Grand Galloping Gala, our heroes are enjoying the Fantasia Festival when it is high jacked by Lightning and his gang. With Cadance and the female members of the Mane Seven turned to stone, Flash and the rest of Canterlot's Residence find themselves fighting each other to try and save them.

While the following chapters are more action packed, it's this chapter that seriously shows the stakes. The recent between Flash and Lightning had been building up for a while, and here's where that begins to come to a head. Coupled with the true introduction of Solid Script, Wild Smile and Gorgenia along with having everypony forced to fight one another and you have a real nail biter.

Unsure how to overcome these obstacles, our heroes have only three hours to stop the enemy and save the day.

From his hiding spot, Lightning smirked as he read the same magic writing. "Let's see how long you can endure this little game of pony eat pony," he said with an evil smile as the amulet glowed. "And let's hope I get some good entertainment while it happens!"

The Battle of Canterlot had begun, and it was a game none of them could afford to lose.

Number 7
Equestria's Harmony and Homeward Bound

I've put these two together because they're both pretty similar.

Both follow the events of the series's big bad's defeat and our heroes actions following them. Both chapters also foreshadow future story events. And while one chapter ends in a big celebration, the other ends on an ominous note. But even so they both pack a bunch in action, adventure and storytelling.

A pair of great ending chapters, for a pair of great story-lines.

So much had happened in such a short time.

As Flash looked over at all his friends, all of them enjoying the Fantasia Parade, he looked back on where he'd started. He was nothing but a kid on the street with nothing to show for it, yet he'd certainly come a long way. And the future was soon to come and bring with it new trails, new enemies and new adventures for Flash and his friends to experience. No matter what came next, they'd all be ready. Because they had each other and nothing would ever change that, no matter what.

Because they were a family.

Flash took a deep breath and turned towards the crowd. "Alright everypony!" He yelled out to all of Canterlot, "you all ready to really get this party started?"

"YOU BET!" They all replied, before laughing and cheering.

One thing was for sure. Flash was right when he said that this wasn't the end, it was only the beginning.

Eventually though, somepony broke the silence. Flash let out a laugh, the joy of finally defeating their opponent hitting him after such a long battle. Soon enough, the rest of the knights joined in his laughter, all of them feeling happiness now overcome them.

"WE DID IT!" They all screamed at the top of their lungs as they threw their front hooves into the air. This turned out to be a mistake as the last of their energy faded, all of their bodies then giving out as they fell down to where Flash was. But despite this, they could not help but continue laughing.

Number 6
Crystal Promise

Whether you love Ruby Scarlet or hate her, you have to admit her origin story is a great one. Following her discovery as a filly, meeting Sombra and later being trained to be a knight, Crystal Promise is a chapter of many great merits.

A mild rewrite of Radiant Hope's backstory, Ruby's helps give the character more of a personality then her comic origin character whilst also showing her once close ties to Sombra.

Ruby didn't say a word. Instead, she shifted her body into a fighting stance, her sword now twirling beside her. A small breath of air came out of her nostrils as her hooves moved the snow. Letting out a tiny breath, she then replied, "No. I will protect them all Sombra. I will defeat you."

As the last few words exited her mouth, the shadow now grew a long, blood-red unicorn horn. With it, the smile grew again as it said, "I was hoping you would say that." With those words said, Sombra's horn began to glow. "Come. Let us finish what we started."


"For you see, there was only question I always thought about. It was this: Could I have prevented all of this? Could I saved everything if I had given up my destiny, my mark, my everything...could I have saved him if I had just stood by his side?"

Number 5

Dear god was this a fun chapter to write.

The Royal Knights are facing off against the super-powered and super insane Doom Raizer. With the Omni Sphere giving him the power to absorb our hero's magic, they must fight him carefully encase they accidently make their opponent even more powerful. Ending with an all out combo attack from every single knight, this bad boy is one of the best action chapters in the series.

When first writing it, I feared I wouldn't be able to put in enough content to fill it. But boy was I surprised when I finished and found the chapter was almost ten thousand words before editing.

No doubt if this chapter had been an actual episode in the series, it would have been one of if not my most favourite one in the series.

"What are you doing Sentry?!" Iron barely yelled at him. "You can't stop him! You're all out of power!"

"No I'm not!" Flash cried out as he kept the colossal from crushing him. "I...I won't quit! Not with everything that's at stake! Our friends...our families...everything we care about....I refuse to let this lunatic take them away from us!" He began to push back, actually lifting a foot a few inches. "So even if it kills me, I'll find the strength I need to get the job done....NO MATTER WHAT!" Flash's eyes flew open as a mysterious golden glow blasted out of them, the glow quickly spreading around his body. The pegasus let out a mighty battle cry as the new strength flooded through his muscles and he forced it all upwards.

"WHAT?!" Doom yelped as he felt a powerful force propel his hoof up, causing him to lose his balance and stagger backwards.

The light around Flash faded as he stared up at the behemoth. "DON'T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE ROYAL KNIGHTS!

Number 4
Family Reunion

One of the more recent chapters in the series, Family Reunion finally answers the mystery behind Flash's parents and why his was abandoned all those years ago.

As Flash and Scootaloo's parents finally return into their lives, they bring with them the answers to many questions revolving the two. Flash's reaction to them is less then a happy one, refusing to forgive or accept them into his life after everything their abandonment caused. It's not until a Timberwolf attack, that Flash is able to finally let go of the pain and unleash his full power.

Also featuring the first appearance of Flash's as unnamed super form, it's clear this chapter is one every fan of the series needs to read.

Flash's eyes shot open as he looked up at the Timberwolves, all of them snarling at the ponies. He lowered his hooves and quickly glanced back at Scootaloo, Misty and Trail, then at his friends before turning back to the monsters. A weak glow of golden light started to radiate off his body, which began to grow in strength by the second. Everypony stared at him in worry and confusion as his calmly spoke up. "Get...away...from my...FAMILY!" And with that last exclamation, it happened.

The slowly brightening light exploded off of him, causing everypony to look away in fear of going blind. Twilight was the only one who tried to see through it, watching as the light started to wrap around Flash's body and form a tornado of sorts. As this happened, Flash felt something encase his hooves, chest and head. He was wearing armor.

Number 3
Showdown at the Chaos Corral

How do you stop an unstoppable chaos demon? Flash had no idea, but he tried anyway.

With the rest of their friends now brainwashed by the draconequus, Flash and Springer head out to fight Discord themselves. But with Discord's chaotic powers, the two have a hard time. Even when Flash manages to turn his laughter against him, he's still overpowered by the draconequus's overwhelming power.

Couples with several references, jokes and future story foreshadowing, this chapter's one to keep your eye on.

"You make me laugh, but only because I think you're kind of pathetic." With that, he started laughing, the sound of it causing Discord to literally turn red.

"Cut it out," he called out, but the laughing continued and grow louder. "Stop that!"

"What's the matter? Can't take a joke?" Flash commented, seeing a window of opportunity as Discord's barrier suddenly disappeared, his rage now making him lose focus. "Or are you mad because the only funny joke I can find with you is that you're a big old baby?"

"Stop it," he cried, plugging his ears with his horns. "Stop laughing at me! Stop it right now!"

"Why?! Don't you want ponies to laugh at your stuff?"

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Discord screamed, his rage finally peaking

Number 2

This chapter isn't even a month old yet and as soon as it was released I got PMs up the wazoo telling me to put it on the list.

The chapter revolves around the rest of the Mane Seven and their friends, trying to get Flash and Twilight to finally realise their feelings. First trying to put them into a romantic situation that ends in disaster, they resort to literally shipping the two out at sea. What results are moments of bonding and a near kiss, damn you reef.

Despite taking inspiration from another fanfic for this, I feel I really made it my own. My editor even called it the best chapter in the whole season.

Yet another romantic story on the list, I'm starting to worry about my masculinity.

Thankfully, Flash broke it as he turned to his shipmate. "You ever stop and think and...realize that our lives are kinda freakin' weird?" This question got a confused look from Twilight while their viewers all anime fell.

"That came out of left field," Twilight commented as she raised an eyebrow.

Flash just shrugged. "Not really. Its just this whole scenario's got me thinking. When we first met, I was just a thief and you were the princess's newest student. Can you honestly say that back then you knew you were gonna end up fighting against demented alicorns, psychotic chaos spirits, shape shifting insects or malevolent shadow ponies?"

Twilight thought back to when she was the little filly who bumped into Flash that day. Back then, all she cared about was learning everything she could about magic, not seeing anything else being as important. If somepony had told her about all the adventures she'd go on, she'd call them crazy and probably ask them to let her do a scan on their brain. "Guess you got a point. Even so, I wouldn't want to change anything about it."

"Me neither," Flash admitted as he let out a long, happy sigh. "But imagine if something did change. Imagine if on that day, I wasn't in the park at that time. We never would have become friends."

"You never would have come to live with us," Twilight continued.

"I'd never have become Grand's student."

"And you wouldn't have come with me to Ponyville and met all our friends. Springer might have been eaten by the Timberwolves, Scootaloo would still be living in the orphanage and...Celestia knows what else would be different."

"Yeah..." Flash stared at the sky, "it's been was heck of a crazy ride. But like you said, there ain't one thing I'd change about it. Heck, if I woke up tomorrow ten years in the past, I'd do everything exactly the same."

And the number 1

Managing to snag the first place spot on this list is another of the more recent chapters.

Jakhowl-Day follows Springer as he finds himself trapped in a never ending cycle of explosions. With only an hour to find the cause and a whole town to investigate, Springer is put through his paces as he works to save everypony he cares about.

Along the way, the jakhowl discovers secrets and facts about the ponies he's known for so long.

Coupled with a musical montage, nail biting drama and an ending so sweet it'll give you a toothache, Jakhowl-Day is the number one chapter of the Flash Sentry Chronicles.

Finally, Springer looked at Flash. "Hey bud. Sorry it has to end like this."


"I know you've been scared about us drifting apart, but you don't have to worry. Even if I'd found other jakhowls, my home is with you and the rest of our family. You did more then take me in, you helped me realise who I'm meant to be." He looked down as saw he only had ten seconds. "This is it..." five seconds. "I...I..." four, three, two, one. "I LOVE YOU ALL! GOODBYE!"

And that was the top ten chapters of the Flash Sentry Chronicles. It's been a heck of a ride so far.

Three years, eight stories, over one hundred chapters and not a moment of regret in any of them. But what are my plans for the future?

I can't tell you that, but I will tell you that they'll involve many amazing adventures, friends and enemies old and new and a life time of memories for me and hopefully you.

I want to thank all of you reading this for showing me your support. It hasn't been easy, but with you guys I was able to make it this far. A special thanks to AandWguy for his hard work editing these stories and special thanks to those who care enough about the stories to comment of what your favourite chapters are.

Here's to the next one hundred chapters.

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Great list with great choices! I'm glad my personal favorite made the number 1 spot. You should be proud your series has become so popular.

5032540 Tell me about it. This morning I hit 150 followers.

Woohoo! My vote made it on the list. :yay: The rest is pretty good too. Regarding the romance, I'm honestly waiting for the obliviousness to wear off, kind of like how I am with the Miraculous love square. :ajbemused:

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