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    New Story Idea


    How much could I do with this you think?

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    Happy 21st for me! And Beer sucks.

    So I'm 21 now! Beer tastes like crap, hard cider is cool, and this melon drink my mom made is fucking awesome. Consindering I've never had stuff to drink before I'm fairly certain this maybe might count as my first drunk blog post. I honestly can't tell.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

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    So I had an Idea.

    Okay, so Twilight is a Princess Right? Well, what if, a few hundred years later, her and Celestia alternate who run Day Court so one pony doesn't have to do all the work. Twilight however, isn't as wise as Celestia and can't stand the Nobles. She asks Celestia to knock those arrogant pricks down a level so they stop pestering them with completely retarded requests. Celestia declines saying how

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    Two Stories that MUST be read.

    Lines and Webs and Dusk's Dangerous Game by Airstream. These two stories are by far the most enrapturing stories I've ever read. And I've read quite a few hundred stories. I am thanking every star in the Sky I

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    Hasbro's Gone and Done it now... They've just declared war on Bronies.

    They really want to see the world burn don't they?

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Kinda scared. · 1:41am Nov 7th, 2012

You ever go to your updates box and find nothing only to have a dozen stories update over night? Well over the past week, I've had maybe 5 updates. I'm tracking a fuck ton of stories. That scares me. One of these days I'm going to find myself with over nine-thousand updates to read.

Celestia help me....

Report ThePhantomAssassin · 550 views ·
Comments ( 5 )

bitch please i always have about 400 updates to read :P

480633 You don't use the Read Later list. In which I have 107 Stories to read later. So I win. Also, I posted this shit like 30 seconds ago. Go play World of Tanks.

Luna help your poor soul. that is all i can say.

480656 Thank you for your support Q_Q

lol i know right. and yah i got the notification that you posted this while reading YOUR kind of story... if you know what i meen.. also it made me feell like a pedophile. O.O

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