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Technical setbacks · 1:27am Mar 4th, 2019

So, here's the story. Last night when i went to play some Dead Island Riptide, one of my favourite zombie games, it crashed mid-load, forcing me to restart my computer. When I booted the system back up, all the software drivers for the hardware components, including but not limited to: graphics card, speakers and headphones (sound in general), stopped working.

So now I have base functionality with my PC; I can still go online, just can't play games, listen to or watch anything. Seriously, there's absolutely no sound, and none of my games will load properly, if at all.

Fortunately, thank fuck, that doesn't impact writing horse words for you all. The next chapter is nearing completion, it just needs a tidy up, so stay tuned.

Until I can have my tech friend look at it, I'm just gonna have to twiddle my thumbs and wait for a fix.

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Comments ( 7 )

Welp... Currently staying tuned then.

So what you're saying is that your computer is infected and needs to be put down before it becomes a zombie.

i was thinking the same thing.
or back up the needed things and do a major roll back to factory settings you may get lucky.

I hope it’s just drivers, because that’s the best case scenario.

I'm 80% guessing that's you're right and that's all that needs doing, but that's as far as my computer-based knowledge goes.

5022714, 5022712, 5022672

80% sure graphics card's software drives needs a much needed update.

20% maybe it has died because I got it five years ago and it's old. If this is worst case scenario, it'll be a few days until a can buy a new and better one.

if the vid card is 5 years old and turns out to be the problem behind all of this i would guess the hole system is that old.
it may be cheaper to move to a new tower and keep the old one strictly for righting.
if you would like to talk about this give me a shout as i have a good deal of xp around PC's ,, i built custom gaming PC for years and still have a few places i can get complete towers.

If you have system restore on then roll back one or two days and it should fix the drivers. Sounds like a memory leak that hard crashed the PC making some corruption to the drivers info in the registry. Could also just try SFC /scannow in a command prompt as well to see if it will find the most likely corruption and fix it self. Simple stuff to start for sure.
Good luck.


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