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Creative Writing Exercise: Write Your Own Smash Character Reveal Trailer! · 11:53pm Feb 13th, 2019

We interrupt out usual Magical Girl Gushing/Personal Excuses blogs you're used to from me for something a little diffferent. This is made for Mythril Moth's little project, where you make your own description of a trailer for a new Smash character, with card, move set, all the shebang. I had three ideas.
Sunset Shimmer doesn't quite fit this world, plus too obvious.
Alucard (Castlevania) is already an assist trophy and has a non-0% chance to eventually join the squad.

So I went with the third choice. Enjoy :twilightsmile:


The video starts with a view of a giant plasma TV in a dark room, where a game of Smash is being played. The camera focuses on player one, Fox, as he effortlessly beats up Mario.

Camera cuts to two hands holding the gamecube controller. One hand reaches out to the bowl of chips and brings into a female's mouth.

Back to the game, Fox evades a Falcon Punch, then sends him flying with one smash.

A green soda bottle with a straw gets closer to a mouth, which slurps some of the beverage.

Fox blocks all of Bayonettas strikes. You can see Fox has 5% damage and all three lives, Bayonetta is the only left alive, with 145% and no lives left.

The figure on the couch leans in lazily. It's really dark, so all you can tell is that it's a short, thin girly figure, with long, brown hair. She yawns loudly, as we can see the game ending on the TV- Fox won. She gets up from the couch and slowly walks away, throwing the controller on the couch, while stretching her hands.

"Too easy," she says "I need a real challenge!"

The scene transitions into another Smash battle, this time fully inside the game. Link, Simon Belmont, Pikachu and Ryu are duking it out between each other. They stop when they notice something in the sky- it's a pink mech! We get a close up behind it's green window too see a devilish grin.

"All systems operational. D.VA ready for combat!"

(read while listening to this:)

The MEKA starts shooting at the four, who either duck for cover or block. Link fires a few arrows and Ryu shoots a Hadouken.

"Time to raise my APM!"

A green tilted barrier appears before the MEKA, eating all the projectiles before it. Link and Ryu are like "wtf?", when MEKA slams into Link, pushing him away.

"Annyeong!" (kor: Hi!)

She then starts shooting at Ryu, who blocks a few shots before running for cover. She gets hit a few times by a whip to the side, turns to Simon and and shoots a barrage of micro missiles his way, knocking him back.

"Eomeo... anmian!" (Kor: Oh my... I'm not sorry!)

Then she sees Pikachu charging up some electricity. She pushes her controls forward, activating the thrusters just in time to avoid a Lightning Bolt and flies straight into Pikachu, smacking it's face with a robot arm. He lands several feet away, eyes crossed, stars flying over head.

"Shot down!" She pauses, then addes. "I still love you!"

As this is happening, Link, Ryu and Simon are back on their feet. They look at each other, nod and team up, rushing at her together. As she sees this she activates the thrusters forward, then pushes the big red button.

"Nerf this!"

The MEKA starts to glow and tremble as it flies toward the trio, as we get a freeze frame at their OMG faces. D.VA jumps from the back, pulls out her phone and poses for a selfie...

...while MECHA explodes, sending them flying into the sky!

"Oh, that'll be play of the game! Just wait and see. " She makes a 'heart' sign with her hands "GG!"

Meanwhile, Pikachu wakes up and stands back, glaring at D.VA menacingly. D.VA notices it and pulls out her gun.

"Sorry, I play to win!" She aims the gun at Pikachu. "I'm gonna have to shoot you do-WOAH!"

The ground trembles under her, making her and Pikachu lose their balance. She looks behind her to see a mountain full of other Smash fighters, including a bunch of shadowy, unknown ones, all aiming their weapons at her. She blinks, the giggles.

"Aww, was there a party I wasn't invited to? Hmpf!" She summons another MEKA.

"Okay, let's shoot for a new high score!"


I know this is talky, but it's D.VA- if you shut her up, you might as well delete her.

Fighting Style:
D.VA starts with in a MEKA, which is a slow, strong, beefy fighter with good defense and ranged attacks, but activating her Self-Destructs turns her into Baby D.VA, who is quite weak and only has a gun to defend herself, while she's waiting for MEKA for be ready again. The cooldown is pretty long for a fighting game, but can be shortened by attacking and taunting.

Special Moves
DownSmash: Defense Matrix - D.VA makes a barrier in front of her, which absorbs all projectiles and ranged attacks. It does nothing to melee attacks. She can still move (slower) and attack in this mode.
ForwardSmash / UpSmash: Thrusters - A short time flight, perfect for avoiding knock outs.
Smash: Micro Missiles - Fires a bunch of missiles at the target, dealing small damage, but there's a lot of them. Can be used while in Defense Matrix.
SPECIAL! HoldSmash for a few seconds: Self Destruct- D.VA escapes the MEKA and a second after that, it explodes, leaving her in vulnerable a Baby D.VA form until it charges back. Can be used during Thrusters, sending it either toward an enemy, or gaining additional jump for emergency saves (at a cost of a MEKA, but still better than losing a life).

As a Baby D.VA all she has is her pistol, which is a normal projectile attack. She has no recovery in this form whatsoever.

Final Smash

Mobile Exo-Force - D.VA summons and joins her squadmates (D.MON, Casino, King and Overlord) and together they shoot the living smack out of the battlefield, dealing a ton of damage. Concludes with a missile barrage from all five of them.


There are A LOT. Pick and choose: https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/D.Va/Cosmetics


That was fun, thank you for reading :twilightsheepish:

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