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An Unfortunate Situation · 4:56am Feb 10th, 2019

Hey, everyone,

It is unfortunate that I have to write this, but a situation has arisen with a member of the brony community named Spectrum Heat/HS Network/realhsnetwork. I will not go into full detail myself, so the short version is that he has manipulated young women into relationships with him and more. If you want the long version, you can read the post by koneko1999 on Tumblr (warning: discussions of grooming, manipulation, and more; read at your own discretion).

I write this because, some time ago, he had asked my permission to use a photo of mine in a music video he was making. I said yes, not knowing any of the above at the time. But now that I do know, I want to say this:

I DO NOT condone these actions, from him or from anyone. And I do not wish to be affiliated with him in any manner.

Do not harass him, and do not respond if he tries to reach out to you. Simply block him, report him if needed, and move on.

Thank you.

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Comments ( 13 )

Oh my god, that's terrifying — the possibilities...and the facts. He...actually, honestly, sounds like the kind of person I could have turned out to be, had I not changed things around. I'm sorry that you were also manipulated by him, and if any of your friends were, too.

Hey, thanks for your support and your concern. I wasn’t manipulated in any fashion by him as the only real interaction I had with him was the conversation about the photo. But yes, what he did to others was horrible.

Well I thank you for bringing this to attention Bard. it's always important to know when someone does something this morally reprehensible

You're welcome, Final. The more people who are aware, the less likely he can do this to another person.

Indeed. People have the right to know with this sort of thing

Absolutely. I'd rather not see anyone else be hurt.

Something like this will happen again, it's just the sad way the world is. But perhaps this reprehensible individual can be prevented from harming anyone else. That in the end, would be something.

Let us hope this is the case.
At any rate, how have you been Bard?

I’ve been alright. Busy with work lately, but in a good way. How about yourself, Final?

Good to hear Bard. Things have been....good, but they honestly aren't I just don't feel as bad/worried/mortified as I should and may not until the full impact hits me.

I’m sorry to hear that, Final. That’s never a fun spot to be in. I hope things clear up for you soon and you’re able to get past this.

Thank you Bard. I hope so to, but I fear things will get worse before they get better

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