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Story approved. YAY! Party? YEAH!!! Also: what's next? · 10:20pm Jan 24th, 2019

So... I was on my way to the pre-exam exercise (sort of "exercise")... and I happened to check the e-mail.

* Your story has been approved.

We need a victory jingle!

All of them!

This may call for a PARTY!!!

This has even been added to some users' bookshelves! And garnered dozens of views!.. Perhaps, not so many, as it may appear. Who knows, if a view is just a peek at the story, or reading through it all, or just halfway through?

It has even earned a couple (literally) of downvotes from the unsatisfied. It... hurts a bit. Were I this site's builder, I would have not allowed ratings to be seen! When one hits "Like", they do so, because they've liked it. They don't try to rate it. But seeing no comments, and without a way to determine a bookshelf add, makes ratings seem as a measure of the story's quality. Which they are not! Many have viewed, only two of them have downvoted! I can't force people to like it, and I am in no right to ask to be sure to upvote it (don't they do it to please just themselves?), but to make a measure of quality we need everyone's opinion! Why is there no "Please, rate this story: [Like it] [Unlike it] [No, thanks]" poll?

Oh, well. This story may make it big. Or not. Maybe, I should try and write something many would be sure to upvote, not to move on without rating it? That way I could be sure, if I'd written something worthy. Or, maybe, it needs some time, who can say?

Yet it pleases me, that some added it to their bookshelves. That means, it may have found their appreciation! And, who knows?.. Don't people like it, when they laugh? Hilarity should have been sufficient to make them laugh, shouldn't it?

To sum it up, the writing was worth it! Though I should write something less random next time... As I mentioned, there are ideas... But first I should exercise in something simpler: slice of life? comedy? something silly?

Some time, that's for certain!

P. S.: I can tag blog posts with a story now!

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It has even earned a couple (literally) of downvotes from the unsatisfied. It... hurts a bit. Were I this site's builder, I would have not allowed ratings to be seen!

Just wandered by this blog and saw this comment. Maybe you're not aware, but the upvote/downvote display isn't publicly visible until your story has had (I think) 10 in total. Since yours hasn't reached that yet, all everyone else sees is a plain grey bar.

Huh :rainbowhuh:?! That's certainly something useful to know 👍 :pinkiehappy:!

By the way, since you passed this blog, have you read the tagged story?

No, I noticed you posting elsewhere and wandered over. I do have the story on my Read it Later list... but right now that's over 270 fics! So all I can say is that I'll try to get to it eventually.

Well, one day, as they say... :eeyup: One day. I will be eager for you to read :pinkiehappy:!

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