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    Despair, noun

    The overwhelming desire to vomit, after you spend thirty minutes trying to write a meaningful blog post to help free your mind and get your thoughts down ... only to accidentally close the FIM Fiction tab and lose the whole lot before you post it.

    See also: Control-eff-four syndrome.

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Life, writing, coding, medicine and drama. · 8:18pm Jan 24th, 2019

All of these things, and in no particular order.

I spent some time going through my EMT jump bag the other day and replaced some of the kit that had expired. It brought back memories of restocking trucks and kits and such in the good old days and I began to feel a pang for it. The cleaning out of my bag only leads me on to cleaning to the rest of the apartment, which I was able to do with considerable speed! Two loads of laundry, cat litter trays, kitchen, dishes, beds made and fresh sheets, vacuuming, garbage is taken out and all of the dross cleaned off the coffee table. I even managed to spritz the couch with Febreeze! Having achieved such, I was pleased and treated myself to something special - a lie-down.

The work I am actually paid to do has been continuing on quite well. I am learning the ropes at a new company. Since the code base in the new system is quite new, there's a lot of room for experimenting and trying new features. This has been fun, but I do sometimes feel like I am out of my depth, or at least not in the same class as some of the other developers. That being said, they have not complained and everyone is getting along very well!

I spent a few hours last night continuing on with the next chapter of my story. It's still so hard to start this process again, and trying not to bring anything across from my previous works that were deleted off my old account. However, I am enjoying working on interactions between characters and of course silly dialogue - something that I love for. I like to paint pictures of faces at times in my work, and I'm not sure if that bothers people. At least I haven't had any constructive feedback on that whole business.

I must, of course, thank, once again, my dear friend Hudson Hawk for allowing me to inflict my story upon his character Max!

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Comments ( 3 )

Sounds like things are going pretty good overall

They are on the up, so to speak! How about yourself?

Good to hear. Things are, eh. I feel good but I should be terrified and anxious and am in small ways

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