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Back From The Grave, I Guess · 10:03am Jan 24th, 2019

An accurate representation of Fimfiction user Felixdragoon emerging from his six year hiatus:

Yeah. Six years. Yikes. It's been awhile, huh? I dunno how many of my original 47 followers still even use this site. Or if they even remember me. Somehow, I doubt it. Sorry folks. I don't want to take up any more of your time than is strictly necessary, so I'll make the update bit brief. Up first is my upcoming plans, then I'll tack on a more lengthy explanation after for those that are interested. Thanks for reading this, at any rate.

I'm not going to make any promises pertaining to my stories - you all saw how well that went last time. All I can really say is that I've finally decided to kick myself into gear and finally make good on my new year's resolution: to write 1000 words a day, every day, and more if the mood takes me. My main focus, for now, is going to be completely redoing Sizaan Dovah Krosis from the ground up, which somehow managed to get over 100 likes even though I wrote it in a fit of fancy in my younger days. I can't thank you guys enough for just being there. I don't make any promises about the date, either, but expect a rewritten prologue sometime before Sunday, and perhaps a little more? Oho, who knows?

Skyrim's re-released more times than I've written chapters for it. Ouch. Thanks for making me look bad, Todd. More bad than I made myself look, anyway. Criminy!

Otherwise, I've got a few things in the works. I'm probably going to stick around for awhile and give this a shot, see what I can cook up. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback or your thoughts, of course. Even if the thought is just 'Wow, took you long enough!' or 'Wait, who are you again?' or even 'Why were you lurking outside my house at 5:00 in the morning the first Tuesday of last November, snarling and knife-fighting the raccoons that live in my trash can for a half-empty bottle of Pepsi?' Any and all comments, questions, or ideas are appreciated. Anyway, on to the reason for my hiatus.

Yeah, six years. I started on this hellsite when I was 13 years old, back in late 2012. I technically predate the handful of the big writers whose stories I read on the site now, for whatever that's worth. I certainly didn't pass the torch, by any stretch of the imagination. But hey, I beat Flammenwerfer by about a month, Shakespearicles by two, Estee by a year, Anonpencil by 2 years, and whatnot. Bless all these human(?) beings and their ability to persist in writing above-average quality horsewords. Not that me signing up earlier is really any kind of achievement; If anything, it really just emphasizes precisely how little I've done in the past half-decade. Now I'm a (semi) functioning adult and I'm trying to force myself to begin writing again. As for why I vanished off the face of the earth way back when, it's simply because I felt like I matured past it. MLP was too childish for me, suddenly. I gradually lost interest in reading MLP, I never cared much for the show, and my crippling ADD had me jumping between stories unreasonably quickly, for no real reason other than that I couldn't be bothered to actually form - or follow - a cohesive plot. Honestly, my core ideas for most of the stories I wrote were "Hey, it'll begin like this," followed by "Somewhere down the line, this will happen," and finally "There'll be a major plot point here and it'll be good!"

You know what? It wasn't. ADD and depression mixed so that I couldn't be bothered to flesh out characters, continue a plot, or find a way to write enough minor events or exposition to drive a realistically-paced story, and I didn't have the functionality as a human being to write a good short story that I could be proud of. So I didn't write. I watched people read my trash, maybe drop a thumb or perhaps a comment, and move on with their lives. As they should have - what I wrote then was admittedly not very good. I watched less and less of the show and read less stories as I carried on, eventually considering deleting my account altogether - I didn't because I decided I didn't care, and that I may as well leave it to lie dormant. I fell into a funk for a few years, occasionally scraping together enough motivation to return, post a comment, then leave. I kinda just... drifted.

Then, like manna from heaven, something wonderful came unto me:

D&D, Son.

Yep. I joined an old friend's D&D group, and took a sudden interest in actually running the game. This was in high school a few years later, mind you, around 2015. We began with a Star Wars roleplaying game, and I grew a little more used to running a cohesive story. We switched to a kind of bootleg 5E module a few months later, with me making the character sheet in MS paint and writing up most of the core rules in my phone's notes. And you know what? I've had a lot of fun doing that. It was the creative outlet I initially wanted to do on this site, but shared instead among a small group of friends - and I could focus a lot more heavily on 'What's next?' rather than only focusing on 'What's way down the line?'. It really did wonders for my own confidence as a storyteller to get such positive feedback for the worlds and characters I'd created, however rusty or lacking my actual writing skills might have been. And so I meandered in my own fantasy world with my buds, and that was my escape. I spent way too much time fantasizing about this fantasy world I had created, but was too lethargic to actually sit down and write about. And playing too many video games. Way too much. Enough that the stress of putting things off, among other things, gave my an anxiety attack bad enough it made me feel like I had barely dodged a heart attack. Crazy shit, regardless, at the ripe young age of 17. It fucked me up, dude. But that's a few years ago, now, and I'm a lot better.

Fast forward a few years, where I'm still the group's primary DM, and I've started dabbling in writing again, mostly in tiny scenes and in freehand poetry. Technically an adult, and all that. I sure as hell ain't gonna act like one, though. I've done a lot of introspection and have since decided that I'd like to write again. And what better place to return to writing then the place I began so long ago? I mean, I haven't watched the show since late 2017 with the exception of the episode where Spike got his wings, and even then it was just so I could understand why people disliked Starlight so much. And you know what? I don't like her much, either. Apparently there's a movie, too. Wild times, folks. I feel an obligation (for some unfathomable reason) to come back and finally redo the old stories that have been crawling through my subconscious for the past few years like Super SuS crawls through Soviet-era structures. I'd like to thank Gizmo Gear and Hearts warming gamer for commenting on the damn story and finally giving me the push to crawl forth from my grave and do this. I've also started playing Runescape again. Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic. Please, if you've made it this far, please, consider leaving a comment. Say anything. Ask me a question. Tell me how your day was. Drop a copypasta. Unleash chaos down below.

And if, for some Godforsaken reason, I don't end up following through with this in the next couple of days, I beseech you, start sending me vaguely ominous inspiration in my PMs. You know, things like: You will succeed. You must, or You've got this. You have no choice. Stuff like that. Sorry for the length, of this rant, folks. I've got a fair bit to make up for, and I hope you like what I manage to put out next. You just keep on keeping on.

And only one F-bomb, too. We could be a PG-13 movie. My sailor blood is boiling. I haven't written enough bad words. Heck.

TL;DR - I plan on working on Sizaan Dovah Krosis in the future and I'm going to try to write more average-quality horsewords. Have a good day, you degenerates.

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Heyo! Thanks for the shout out! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside for reminding an artist of his past worms and how he feels about reworking them. Can't wait for the reboot!

Thanks for sticking around, and thanks again for kicking me into gear!

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