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    Hey, sorry, but before we begin, I've got a rant to get off my chest. Here's something that is currently upsetting me:

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Update 31/01/2019 · 9:31am Jan 31st, 2019

Hey, sorry, but before we begin, I've got a rant to get off my chest. Here's something that is currently upsetting me:

Where did the expression "Don't you dare" come from? It is, essentially, the statement "Do not you dare," which is grammatical vomit; and yet "Don't you dare!" has become an excessively common phrase in modern media on all levels. You've probably said it yourself at some point in your life.

For some reason, I dissociated super hard the last time I caught myself saying it, and I was struck by an abrupt, metaphysical urge to melt and drink my own teeth.

...That was a little graphic. Sorry.

But hey, I didn't! And I'm still alive! And holy hell, I actually wrote that update to Sizaan Dovah Krosis! The only issue being that I spent roughly eight hours straight on it, from 9:15(ish) PM to about 5:30 in the morning. Word of advice: don't do that. It's actually really bad for you. January's almost over, and it's been roughly a week since my last content update, so I figure I'd see if any of you are still here drop an update, just in case you were worried I'd drop off the earth for another six years. Well, I've come bearing good news: I have around 800 words written for the second chapter of SDK, and it's not terribly close to being finished yet, but I do have the rest of the chapter planned! And I have something to ask you guys: initially, I was planning on writing the Dragonborn off as being a completely vague figure, so it could fit the mold of 'Your' Dragonborn a few years after you make your final save on the file, and your little Dovahkiin has moved on in spirit, travelling the continent of Tamriel and wiping out every last scalyboi that Alduin brought back from the dead, except one. I might still do that. Alternatively, it may be an interesting story direction for the thing that has been hunting Revak to have a face, and perhaps their own arc. What do you guys think? Anonymous Dragonborn, or a planned, written one?

I've also been writing snippets of a different story that I will not publish unless I finish it, simply because I'm still bashing my head into a wall over dropping a story, pissing off for half a decade, then rollerblading back into it like nothing happened. It's a psychological horror. It has Lovecraftian-esque themes. Writing about a descent into insanity is an art I have little experience in, but hey, we've all got to start somewhere, yeah? Why not with cuddly ponies?

In other news, Anthem drops soon (and I don't trust EA, but the hole Destiny and Destiny 2 left in my soul desires to be filled, so I guess I'm ruined), I completely forgot Kingdom Hearts 3 was a thing until the entire internet and everything everywhere reminded me at once, and I've ascended as a Zelda main in SSBU: I can now consistently beat my brother who is seven years older than me, and has been playing the game religiously since launch. I'm going to try and keep you guys updated with more blog posts in the future, even if it's just an excuse to crawl forth from the pit every now and then.

This blog post is disjointed and lacks direction, like my writing style. I managed to address at least five(?) separate subjects and managed to contribute almost nothing practical to any of them. Oh well. See you degenerates next story update!


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