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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Zapp on Neutrality · 1:01pm Dec 27th, 2018

Damn them neutrals! They worse than enemies.

Report Bendy · 198 views · #Neutrality #neutral #futurama
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So true! By the way, that gives me an idea for a Story: You remember the whole yivo incident? What would happen, if the inhabitants of an universe, like the futurama one made another anomaly, but instead of Meeting 1 universe sized octopus-thingy, they meed 2 multiverse sized ponies, that both want to date their universe. now they have to decide, wether they should date one, both or stay neutral, without getting crushed in the love triangle.


Maybe... I kind of somewhat making that. Friendship Is Gigantictimal.

Yep, although in that one, the ponies start out somewhat small, and Need the humans to grow bigger.
In the yivo Thing, the ponies are already bigger than the univese (or planet) and probably dont know what humans are. The Thing could start off by them discovering earth, and when the humans first contact them, their Response is like "did that Tiny blue Pebble just talk?". Also in this, if celestia and Luna could make themselves small enough to visit earth properly, they would, but sadly, they dont. So they have to watch These cute Tiny creatures from afar. They do have amazing eyesight, but even with that, they can only come so close, without risking a single eyelash could slam into the planet.

They could also "try" to help the humans to impress them. They dont know anything About planetbound life, so if the humans explain to them, that they Arent really a Talking blue Pebble, but rather even tinier creatures Living ON the Pebble (mindblow), and that they try to colonize the red Pebble (mars) over there in the near future, which is Pretty close for the alicorns, but really far away for humans, celestia and Luna would try to move mars Closer to earth (just to be helpful), not understanding, that something so simple as two pebbles touching each other could anihilate the whole species.

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