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Hearth's Warming Tidbit 5.5 - Gole D Apple · 5:23pm Dec 19th, 2018

Yeah, I know this isn't the original tidbit planned but the more I wrote on Silver the more off track I got so that post will still happen, but it will go up later on, I have different plans for that one now. And I know this went up ealier then planned, this is due to me being busy the next few days. As for this current new tidbit, it will be about Silver's older brother Gole D Apple and yes in case you are wondering the name is inspired by One Piece. I chose this subject since it still something that was brought up in this month's episode so I thought why not I mean he'll be entering the story soon enough.


He is the older brother of Silver Pear and considered by most to be the heir to his father’s legacy. Though he wasn’t the oldest son nor the greatest Gole was considered by all to be the wisest and the Old Jack Apple chose to be his successor. A young stallion at heart Gole often knew more than any other member of the family. Many times the other family members would go to him for advice.

Yet little is known about Gole’s personal life even by his own siblings. He’s had lovers and even children, but nothing much is known outside of that. This due to him keeping his distance from much of his family. The only ones that he seems close to are Silver Pear and their mother Ginger Apple. In fact after Old Jack passed away Gole took it upon himself to watch over his aging mother. And indeed, he did keep a watchful eye as many of his siblings left to their own lives and made their own families, all except Silver.

Silver Pear was the youngest child and always felt very close to Gole D. Apple. Silver stayed after their father died and kept watch over their aging mother. Soon enough They moved back to their first home, an old tavern called the Wolf’s Apple. The townsfolk were happy to see the family return even if it had greatly shrunk in size. Silver and Gole would work around the town and within the tavern as well as taking care of their mother.

Everything seemed great, that is until the Vastin War began. Considered a short-lived war by the alicorns it still pulled in many ponies, including Silver Pear. Though he was exactly drafted he felt that he should fight in this war. Ginger wasn’t against her son’s wishes. Before he left though Silver went to ask Gole for advice. Gole agreed with him about the war but told Silver that he would be staying here.

Silver seemed to understand why his brother was so adamant to stay, but what happened in the later years would only add confusion. Silver left and fought long and hard. However, after the war, he came home to find Gole nowhere in sight. His mother said that he wrote a note and left, only to never come back.

Silver Pear was at a complete loss as to why his wise old brother would leave. All he had was the note, a note that only brought more confusion.

‘The Wolf’s pack has been broken.’

This note made no sense. Silver Pear couldn't figure out any answers and after so long he gave up caring. Years had passed as Silver just came assumption that Gole had abandoned them. Silver retired from other lives and took up the duties that his brother had left behind.

In the end, Silver Pear still has massive respect for his brother. And to him that all that matters.

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