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Aerospace Engineer that sacrificed his writing for education. Worth it, but I want to continue writing again! Da pacem domine.

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  • 146 weeks
    Got the flu over the break, projects delayed!

    Sorry for not posting the chapters I had outlined earlier. I got the flu from my parents (who got it from one of my cousins). I'm going to delay my projects until I both feel better and have adjusted back into college life. I hope you guys have an awesome break and get a good start to your classes afterwards!
    Your best friend,

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  • 152 weeks
    Sunday Report


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  • 154 weeks
    Sunday Funday

    Howdy howdy!

    Editing is going well, but actual new writing has gotten stalled due to large influx of college projects. Happily, writing has greatly chilled me out and I'm able to concentrate on my real work. Thank you guys for reading my stuff, more will be coming out soon! (when I'm not busy, of course)!


    Your Best Friend

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  • 155 weeks
    Wednesday Report (Happy Halloween)

    My classes have been so full of work and my research projects are burying me alive. Happily, I'm doing well in both regards. I'll continue writing and editing this weekend, once I am free.
    Hope you guys have a happy Halloween!


    Your Best Friend

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  • 156 weeks
    Wednesday Report


    My goodness, the sheer amount of stuff my professors are throwing at me are tough this semester. Happily, I seem to be thriving under the pressure.

    Accomplished this week:
    -New Chapter of The Love Must Be Shared! and, after this chapter, I will focus on editing for a while
    -One Shot has been reoutlined because of an interesting idea taking it over!

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Sunday Report · 9:47pm Nov 18th, 2018


Oh boy, exams and Thanksgiving break are coming so fast, then comes finals. I finished up the editing I wanted to do on my stories off-site and will start on editing those on this site this week. Then comes the one shot, which is now planned out. And, finally, the continuation of The Love Must Be Shared! will start after I finally return home from college. Was not expecting the classes to ramp up their difficulty near the end, but I'm going to survive.

Hope you guys have an amazing break (and do well on exams),


Your Best Friend

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