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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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the7Saviors · 4:46pm Nov 5th, 2018

I co-wrote a story with my fellow Twilight sparkle fan the7Saviors! It was an idea that popped into my head and I shared it with them and we began working on it together. I started it, they wrote the body of the story, and I wrote the end. It is an OP Twilight one-shot with the possibility of a sequel or series of stories, but nothing is confirmed yet.

If OP Twilight doing OP things is not to your liking turn away now. If you don't care for that kind of thing then here is the link and enjoy:

Magic's Wrath

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good end to the story

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