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Darkened Moon is no more, and we stand strong. Come, my children, rejoice for her defeat.

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  • 114 weeks
    New Story on Different Site

    Heyo, long time no see. I'm still not back into MLP, but I came here for a self promo.

    I've written a story for a different fandom.

    You can see read it if you don't know the fandom, it's not gonna stop you.

    But yeah.

    It's called The Enchanted Society. You can read it on Ao3 (Archive of Our Own) or Wattpad!

    Here's a link to it on Wattpad:


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  • 133 weeks
    Decided to Say Hi

    Hello, my old followers. How has life been treating you? I will admit that mine has been overwhelming. My anxiety has been haywire (pun not intended).

    But anyway, I do come back to check things out every once in a while, so if y'all want to have a QnA of some sorts, comment questions that I will answer to!

    6 comments · 254 views
  • 142 weeks

    Yeah. Not much to say here. In case some of you haven't noticed, I have not been on in quite some time. This is because I have grown out of My Little Pony. I suppose I should give a proper goodbye to those who supported me all the way.

    I may check back in every once in a while, though.

    So long, my followers,

    ~Ella (PixelMoon)

    7 comments · 366 views
  • 151 weeks
    The Monster is Unleashed!

    Why, hello! Are you guys excited? I sure am! For today is the day I am strongest! And with my power I have gained, I can make dear old PixelMoon hungry faster! Any second now, she will lose control!

    Dear PixelMoon, are you okay? It seems you are a little... Anxious.

    I... I'm fine.

    Really? It seems like you're struggling.

    I said I'M FINE!

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  • 151 weeks
    Well, Well, Well...

    Would you look at what today is?

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Precious Stories You Would Like? · 3:25am Oct 21st, 2018

Why, hello again. Don't worry about what happened last week. Little PixelMoon had been confined again. I imagine she will somehow find a way back on here, as much ad I'd hate to say. When that alicorn is hungry there is little that stands in her way.

But I did not write this blog to talk about my alternate version. It has been brought to my attention that Pixel had written quite a few stories. Some of you have suggested I make more sequels, chapters, or other stories entirely.

Now, instead of destroying those people, I am more than adequately pleased with them.

I leave it up to you followers to leave suggestions for what you want me to create. Anything remotely adequate will be looked in to.


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Write about PixelMoon. :trollestia:

please update the nightmare blessing. :)

Can you please update dashed in blood

We can take a gamble if you'd like unlike marry i know how to play the game

*Pokes his head out from hiding*

Not....dead? In fact....pleased with?

So.... Princess of Snuggles, Nightmare Moon edition, your graceful and magnanimous and cruel and evil Lady Darkened Moon?

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