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The pony town of Bright Valley · 5:38am Oct 1st, 2018

Princess Silver Swirl's mansion

In the far northern latitudes of Ponyland, in the misty and shadowy valleys of the purple mountains, stands the humble town of Bright Valley. An idyllic suburban community, this senic town just south of the Greyvale pass is the center of all business transactions in Ponyland. A proud community of factories and trade guilds, Bright valley was the community that resembled old Equestria the most. Bright Valley was the one equine community in Ponyland that someone could do business, and the one place where one's importance and significance was partially determined by how many gold coins one had in their saddlebags.

Bight Valley is a modern town set among the medical nations of Ponyland. The streets are filled with cars, buses, and Motorcycles. While brownstone buildings sit side-by-side with smaller skyscrapers. Originally settled by earth ponies from the Ponyland republic, the town has few Pegasus or unicorns who call it home. The town is a popular tourist destination for ponies from all over Ponyland, who love visiting the city's mall and large stores. The city seems to alive be alive with an urban feel, as it's factories run day and night , keeping the wheels of progress turning.

Surprisingly, this town of Earth ponies in run by a hereditary ruler; the unicorn named princess Silver Swirl. Living in a luxurious mansion on a bluff overlooking the whole town, Silver Swirl tries to be a wise and just leader for her subjects. The princess does not rule without aid, however; she must answer to the council of the powerful pony guilds, whose leaders control all of the commerce in Bright Valley. they ensure that commerce remains the top priority in Bright Valley.

This city of the north, while having few pony magic users, is far from defenseless. A massive battery of giant canons, is built into the cliffisides surrounding Bright Valley. These massive magical mortar canons can blow any attacker out of the sky, from a whole army of griffins, to a full-size dragon. These titanic weapons serve to keep the Greyvale pass- the only northern entry point to Ponyland- safe from attackers. And This ensures that Bright Valley has a peaceful Ponyland in which to sell their fine products.

So, that's it for Bright Valley. Please, stop on by and buy something there, if you ever get the chance....

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I remember this city from one of your stories. I love how you adapt the different settlements and lore of G1 into you world. You are very talented.

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