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Finally updating · 12:35am Sep 18th, 2018

The GRE. Aka, the really really REALLY annoying test you need to take in order to get into grad school in a lot of cases. Funnnnnn...
So, yea, I just spent the last two months studying for it and taking a class, getting ready, then taking the test, and I did pretty good overall. Math was in the high 70th percentile, english was in the high 80th percentile, writing was strangely low, but given the strange question I had and the fact that I write better when I'm not restrained by a stupid time limit, I think I still did ok. Plus, writing is what schools look at the least according to my teacher, so I should be fine. Plus, I am never taking that god damn thing again, so I better find a school in the next five years before the scores run out. Plenty of time in my opinion.

But now it is done, and I am back to writing! YES!!!! Spero's next chapter is almost through the first round of editing and I expect to have it out before my birthday on the 28th if I am lucky, Freedom Shall Ring will be on my lest next as I REALLY want to get through the next to chapters, for reason I won't spoil, and How to Meet the Families will be my next 'How to' story, where Flash and Twilight remember their first encounters with each others families as they prepare to tell everyone about their engagement. This will be followed by 'How to Make a Movie', 'How to Forgive an Enemy' and then, finally, 'How to Marry a Princess.' So yes, I have plans, so many, many plans. Heheheheheheheh...


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