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Signal Boost: Estee's Calamity · 2:06pm Sep 13th, 2018

Estee's mother is ill in a number of ways. Any help you can provide is appreciated. :fluttershysad:

My mother is in the incipient stages of dementia, so I know the feeling.

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I can tell you why, excessive government regulation, lack of interstate competition, ObamaCare, and the fact that we foot the bill for defending pretty much all other member nations of NATO.
But hey you want shitty Healthcare, actually crunch the numbers of the rest of the worlds'. What it cost, what they get, time consumption, etc.

I didn't post this to start a debate on healthcare. I simply mean that Estee may be facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, or more, whereas if this had happened in Europe or Canada there would be no charge.

Except that's not true either, do you know what the PERSONAL tax rates are in Canada and in Europe? On top of that many European nations are experiencing a massive influx of people that would need government handouts to survive for years. So about the 'free healthcare' in the long run... There is a saying in Economics 'there is no such thing as a free lunch someone somewhere had to pay for it.
And again look at what they actually get. It's not uncommon to have to wait nearly SIX MONTHS just to run ONE test to see if a person has AN illness or condition, by which time depending on the thing you might as well start making funeral arrangements because of how much time has passed without treatment and since this is taxpayer funded the government has the right to say whether or not they will even be treated at all. In The US often the tests are less then ONE day and can confirm half a dozen easily and treatment can start that week making it manageable or even curing it.
Could the US's healthcare be better, absolutely, but the model of Europe will not work in the US and will, unless the 'migrant' crisis is solved soon, come crashing down and they will have to take on the US model in a matter of years.
You can't have both socialized healthcare and welfare, one depends on everyone working and in good health the other allows for massive unemployment by choice and fails to de-centivies people from being in bad health.

Your assertions aren't supported by statistics. People in countries with socialized health care overwhelmingly support their health care system. In Canada a recent poll showed 86% of the country strongly support single payer, and the average tax rate there is only 33.3% to our 30.4%. There are no unreasonable waiting periods or death panels, and the decisions on treatment are made by doctors, not government.

Rather than taking this as a challenge to go look up your own after-the-fact statistics to support claims you absorbed from unreliable media sources, maybe you should take a moment to reflect on the fact you decided it was a good idea to take a two-sentence blog where I talk about my mother dying and where I beg for help for another user in a difficult financial situation, and turned it into a mindless rant on politics that could only have come from an American with no close friends overseas. Estee is in dire financial straits because they live in America, period. It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is, that's a sad fact, and Estee needs our help. If you don't want to help, that's fine, but don't hijack a request for assistance to put the spotlight on your opinions.

Estee is in dire financial straits because they live in America, period.

Does that last part even matter at this point? It might have been better not not even include the "and America has shitty healthcare" part, as I think that might have encouraged the unnecessary political debate. Might I further point out that Estee's original post speaks nothing of any healthcare system or any sort of trouble with it, rants against it, so forth. It's an explanation of the difficult situation, the emotions behind it, and a request for help. You were trying to get some help for your friend, who is asking for help through a difficult situation. That's the point here.

Huzzah for the signal boost, but I don't think either one of you should have turned it into a 'healthcare system' thing, because you kind of both did.

I'll accept my part in this and apologize.

Denmark over 40% personal income tax
Canada average wait time in the ER 8 hours
Canada's original system before the implementation of Super Hospitals was ruled a humans rights violation by the Canadian Supreme Court in 2005 Chaolli Vs Quebec
And there is a glaring flaw in the polls you site, they ask about how people FEEL, not what they actually get, not what it cost, not how long it takes to get a test done, not how effective the treatments. I can ask a million people if they like a Big Mac or Whooper, that and even 100% say yes, that doesn't change the fact that fast food is not good for you.
That poll and its usage is an Appeal to Consensus logical fallacy.
But back to Estee, Estee had the chance to have his/her mother placed with people who have the skills, knowledge and resources to help his/her mother and Estee didn't. He/she failed to get help from the people that could have helped and has to deal with this now.
It sucks that it might cost so much, but here's the thing, it could have been avoided. Estee made his/her bed and now has to sleep in it.
As for helping out financially, I am trying to clean up my own act and my own stuff together, which is why I haven't posted a story or blog since mid August.

You did nothing wrong, save using the logical fallacy of Appeal to Consensus, you have nothing to apologize for.

Now that this is old, I can respond to something. I'm familiar with logical fallacies, and I think you're in error.

It isn't Appeal to Consensus when you're arguing about the consensus itself. I'm pointing out that if you were a Canadian there would be an 86% probability you would strongly approve of the healthcare you received, even with the flaws you mention (wait times, etc.), because 86% of Canadians feel that way. The fact that Canadians approve of their healthcare is the fact in question being evaluated since we're trying to answer what the likelihood is you would enjoy having Canadian healthcare. Consensus is not being used here to justify a belief or fact, it is the fact.

Now if I had said 86% of Americans like the idea of Universal Healthcare, that would be Appeal to Consensus. I'd be suggesting that because a lot of people believe something, that makes it very likely to be true, which is fallacious. What I'm quoting are the actual approval statistics showing that most people approve of the health care they personally receive.

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