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Chapter 21, Finances, and EVE · 11:55am Sep 13th, 2018

Hola, amigos. Been a while, hasn't it? I'll start out with business, for you impatient types. I had a bit of a stall, but I'm back in the writing swing and I've put 4000 words on digital paper in the past couple days. It's all Rarity so far, and plenty of talking. I'll try to keep it interesting. Though I'm starting to think that I won't have room to fit the big action climax of the first act into this chapter, so I may just have to cliffhanger it after all. We'll see!

Why the delay, you ask? I spent about a month in Florida helping my parents move house, and that was a month not working. For double damage, my roommate also lost his job, meaning I had to cover some of his bills. So on top of being unable to write while on 'vacation' in Florida, I had to scramble to make money when I got back. I just wasn't really in the writing persona, y'know? But I'm getting back into it. I hope to have the next chapter out within the week.

Have you guys heard of the Spacebattles forums, by the way? I started posting EH over there, one chapter a day, just to kinda see what happens and how it would fare in a less pony-exclusive environment. Got a few hundred views, but I dunno if that place counts multiple views per user or not. Not many comments, which I figure is cause most of the horsefuckers that would be interested are already here on FimFic. It was nice to just post that one chapter a day and sometimes get a comment or two though, just to tide me over during my stall.

I've been getting back into EVE Online lately. Dunno if any of you lot have heard of it, but it's a great game to play while you're writing or something. I can just sit in an asteroid field and mine, just check on it every ten minutes or so. If any of you guys play, leave a comment or drop by the EH Discord. I'm an up-and-coming industrialist.

I'm listening to the Nier: Automata soundtrack again. Great game. Great writing music. Catch you lot later.

Comments ( 8 )

You forgot to mention that someone new coming into the discord chat and commenting on the fic is what inspired you to continue a few days ago.

EVE is death. I have a moon base in my cargo hold that I bought years ago and I don't know what to do with it.

HiSec mining could work like that. WH, LolSec and 0.0 - very risky

Love your avatar. May I ask where you got it?

It's some old picture of Rainbow Dash in a hoodie that I found and recolored, and I've been using it for years now. Which reminds me, I should probably take that Santa hat off...

Yeah, I'm not messing around out of highsec too much yet. I have some planets in lowsec and that's it.

Put it on a moon, presumably.

Huh. Any chance you remember where you got it?

Whenever I need to find it again I just look up "Rainbow Dash in a hoodie" on Google images. And voila.

These days I have my own copy saved on my computer, plus any edits like the Santa hat version. Just in case the original gets taken down, I want to have it available. Image is important, after all!

Ah cool. Thanks! Important indeed. Good avatars are valuable.

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