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"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read"! - Groucho Marx

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    A Study in Contrasts

    I haven't been on the site too much recently, but I did take another look recently at two mature rated stories, both highlighting everyone's (?) favorite super model Fluer de Lis. One is a story that I can't quite bring myself to finish where she has a major league crush on Sci-Twi and is so damn uncomfortable with the idea of pursuing her crush that the whole thing is just cute as hell. (it's an

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  • 9 weeks
    Uncharted Waters

    I've been working recently at the latest chapter of "Danger Close", and I've run into a problem. I've wanted to let one of my characters have a speech impediment, namely an occasional stammer. But, not having any personal experience with anyone with this issue, and having no training in the subject matter, I can't help but worry about whether I can do this and not have the character just seem

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  • 20 weeks
    The Cost of War

    I am making more progress of recent on the story "Danger Close" and I hope to have another chapter out within the next week or so. I'm aware that I don't have a huge following, but I still plan to finish the stories I've started. Today, my writing had to take a nasty turn as I've had to kill a character.

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    Do Stories Have An Expiration Date?

    My story, "Danger Close", was originally started in the middle of 2019, right in the middle of the last season of MLP:FIM. I admit that it's been a long haul trying to figure out just how I wanted to structure it, and exactly how the story should develop. I'm not much of a writer, and even as a reader I tend to stick a little too much to history as opposed to fiction, which can limit one's

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  • 45 weeks
    Something is Coming

    I've been plowing ahead these last few days on the long delayed next chapter of "Danger Close", and I think I can say that it will be finished by next week. I should ideally feel a certain sense of pride, were it not for the fact that it has taken me close to two years to get this far. It's not that surprising as such things go. There are a lot of stories out there that have stalled out over the

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The Finish Line? · 3:08pm Sep 1st, 2018

Finally put out the final chapter of my story a couple of days ago, and I think that I'm ready to try something at least a bit different. It took over a year on the last one, and that's a long time to have the same story bouncing around in your head. Actually, I pretty much knew what I wanted to do with it for at least the last six months, but how to it was always the question.
Declaring victory does bring up a question though, when does one know that you're actually finished? I know that there were questions left unanswered, like what eventually became of Bold Venture. But I guess I just don't know. Perfect justice rarely happens, and I couldn't end the story with the idea that he might have even a symbolic victory due to some damn lawyer finding a loophole. I guess I've just gotten too fond of Photo Finish to let that happen. So, maybe in the future I'll take another look, and answer that question. As for right now, I've got other challenges ahead of me.

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