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"If you have nothing to say, say nothing."- Mark Twain


Photo Finish is happy just being the detached artist, with her own little circle of friends. But when Twilight Sparkle runs afoul of an aggressive senior, she feels an obligation to intervene. But getting into the middle of a confrontation is never easy, especially when her adversary won't back off. She entered the fight for the right reasons, but can she see it through to the end?
Note: the story is marked teen for language and content.

Chapters (8)
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What happened? I'm very confused.

Comment posted by CoyoteXray deleted May 29th, 2017

8196608 Sorry if I went too far into the great unknown. I guess I just wanted to give Photo a chance to save the day and shown a bit of discretion in not telling the world of the misadventure she witnessed. It was also intended to give a clue as to my take on the Sunset/Twilight relationship through the use of parody. (this chapters highlight resembles another story that I will not identify) I'll try to tweak it a bit so it is not quite so offbeat.


Ok but i meant what happen with the Forum, Sounds like someone took what happen between Photo and that bully and painted things to make her look bad.
But not sure.

8198049 Oh my. Yes indeed. I wanted to give Photo another issue. As she said, everyone seems to know about the confrontation, so he got his version out quickly, and got some other friends to pile on with him. And unfortunately, some of Photo's club mates voiced their issues too. Not quite a classic trolling, but enough to give our heroine grounds to get seriously pissed off.


Oh man! Worst yet Rarity on the jerk's side too blinded by the guy's charisma i bet.

REALLY REALLY you made a msitake a long time ago you MORON! Sure you're friendship with Photo is damaged badly as well.

Jeeze was wondering when she see the blasted light.

Twilight needs a boyfriend who can defend her since all her friends except Photo clearly can't. I'll be in the auto shop if you need me :twilightsmile:

'Oh Twilight...darling...I think I've just made a huge mistake."

Gee Rarity you think?! It's not like Photo and everyone else have been trying to tell ya that Shit Venture is bad news and you refused to believe them even when you saw that Twi was clearly in distress over his crap.

If your worried about the rating just go mature and write it how it needs to be written with no problems

Nah. The words I used were what I intended. One just never knows though just what people will find offensive.

It's going to get a bit intense, but not THAT intense. (there will be no fatalities, I guarantee it)

Unfortunately justice is not always what one would hope for.

As long as no one gets raped. Otherwise it won't be pretty

Like I said it will get ugly, but that's one line I will not cross.

HAH! That Venture is the biggest idiot I've ever read in a fimfic. And I love the story so much because I could totally see it all happening in real life. Specifically in california.

In regards to Venture, my inspiration at least partly comes from imagining just what kind of stupidity could result when a young person is never truly held to account for their (for lack of a better word) sins.

Ummm this it? that the ending?!

Yes it is. I figure that I've pretty much wrapped up all the loose ends ( I know, that's debatable) and I really didn't want to follow the Bold Venture saga any further, at least in this story. He may return in a sequel, but for now I just wanted to give our heroine some chance for a happy ending, at least until Monday of course.

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