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The Storm King Invasion had many effects, not least of which is that it raised doubts about many of the ponies tasked with defending Equestria. At least it certainly did in the mind of Rainbow Dash. She hasn't thought much about it lately. But a problem within the Wonderbolts brings her once again face to face with a certain mare, and a few unresolved issues.

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The events of the Storm King Invasion are well known to most ponies in Equestria, and the actions of the Elements of Harmony and their allies are heralded throughout the kingdom. But there were many ponies who found themselves tested in those dark days; some coming through triumphant, others not. It is to those who carried on unheralded and whose valor is lost to history that this account is dedicated.

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Photo Finish is happy just being the detached artist, with her own little circle of friends. But when Twilight Sparkle runs afoul of an aggressive senior, she feels an obligation to intervene. But getting into the middle of a confrontation is never easy, especially when her adversary won't back off. She entered the fight for the right reasons, but can she see it through to the end?
Note: the story is marked teen for language and content.

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