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A little help, please · 2:24am Aug 25th, 2018

I’m working on a new chapter and I’m having trouble deciding Star’s job. Any suggestions?

Report dracone · 114 views · Story: Star's Log · #Suggestions #help
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Comments ( 6 )

1) Cartographer
2) Map translator (from let's say Might Helm era to modern for an example)
3) History Teacher
4) Tour guide
5) Travel Agent

Solar/Lunar Astronomy
Planetary Astronomer


I guess I was a bit too vague there, when I said I was trying to decide on what her job should be I was talking about what her first real job should be. You know how for most people in stories their jobs aren’t very satisfying but still somehow passable because of the income they afford the character, that’s kind of what I’m shooting for in the chapter.

I suppose, in a later chapter, I can have her have a job that comes off as a bit more satisfying, but for now, it’s more of the “I don’t really like my job but that’s okay because I can’t find any job openings that line up with a job in line with my talents for the time being”

I’m giving the same treatment to Daring, and I have a bit more of a clearer idea of what her early job should but if you want to make a few suggestions on that front I won’t stop you.

Travel agent, not a really glamourous job, but pays the bills and allows her to use her skills.

I think I might use it

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