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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit List/ Commission Complete / Possible New One Shot · 5:46pm Aug 9th, 2018

First off, for the ones that click in to see the art I commission, head to the bottom of this blog to see it, as for everyone else keep reading.

Second, I'm sorry this post came in so late, if you had been keeping up with my Twitter, you would know my last two weeks have been very rough. Anyway, here it is the list I mentioned last blog, this will show you how many of the tidbits I will be doing. The sort of mini blog series will be featuring two tidbits per chapter, well excluding Episode 1 and 2 which will only be getting one tidbit each. Each tidbit after the first two will be posted one week before the chapter and one week after the chapter. Now look down below to see the list.


Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 1: Wolf's Apple

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 2: Cerberus Plains

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 3: Plaza Of The Gods

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 3.5: The Griffin Prison

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 4: Limbs of The Broken One

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 4.5: Rex’s Title

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 5: The Zebras of Epona

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 5.5: Silver Pear’s Libido

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 6: Reason For Meat

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 6.5: Winter Solstice

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 7: Raven's Eye

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 7.5: Wandering Soul (Name Might Change)

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 8: The Three Solises

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 8.5: Titan Airship

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 9: Clock Tower’s Altar

Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 9.5: The Hand Of Elisus


Next up on news is the commission is complete. Yeah, that right one of the commissions I ordered is finally complete. This one, unfortunately, isn't the ColdxTwilight peice, but is one I have been wanting just as much. Here it is

Source.. By BijutsuYoukai

I just love how it came out, it looks so perfect. And yes this piece is completely canon to my universe. And to ensure so I will be making a one shot in September to canon this piece. Yes, that right! I haven't thought of a title yet, but the premise is around ready very clear in my head.

Trixie is asked on a special date with Pharynx. Though the two have been dating for a long time she finds herself more shy than ever on wondering what would make this one date so special. She demands that Starlight and Sunburst shadow her. Trixie's mind is buzzing with all the possibilities, but none will prepare her for this surprise.


Anyway, that was the premise, I hope you all enjoy the idea, it has been buzzing in my head for a long time.

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