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    Another Friday, another Fanfic!

    So yeah. On ... Tuesday, I think to myself "Hey, what if I wrote a silly Rarijack fic for Valentines day? Not like my single (yet charmingly dashing) self has anything else going on."

    ... so ... I did. Mostly so I would have the 14th as a deadline to work towards. And, uh, I wrote about half the damn story today, so let's hear it for the last minute, am I right?

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    On a whim, I'm writing another fanfic. Something short and silly, as I'm fairly good at that. Or so I've been told.

    Just for a random change of pace, I guess? With any luck, I'll have it posted ... Friday? Maybe?

    So yeah. Stay tuned! Get hype! Do ... things!

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    I am a man ahead of the times.

    So I woke up this morning, started poking around the intarwebs, at which point I learned IDW is doing a straight-up Transformers/MLP crossover. Neat!

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    An update!

    I vaguely recall reading somewhere that one shouldn't post stuff on FiMfiction on the weekends, because nobody'll read it then. Like, folks are either out and about being social on the weekend (I've been told it happens!) or they're too busy uploading their OWN fanfics. Or something.

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  • 6 weeks
    Oh hey I guess I still write fanfic sometimes!

    Man, 2020 has been a weird year so far. I shan't bore you with some of the stuff on my end. Really it just comes down to me having a cold for the last week or so. A cold that I'm ... almost free of? I think? Here's to hoping all of this orange juice and spicy soup has finally done its job.

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Once again, Pone Show. · 3:36am Aug 8th, 2018

As per the usual, I've been a bit behind on pony cartoons. And also apparently the next three episodes have been leaked in Australia? Or something? I can only presume the brony version of Ned Kelly is involved.

Regardless. I just watched "Friendship University." While sipping vodka. Some thoughts:

Because we live in a day and age where tiny childrens need to be taught to beware of for-profit universities.

Even still, Flim & Flam are complete bastards, which is an utter delight to watch in magic ponyland. Plus, MAURICE LAMARCHE PONY.

All and all, a pretty fun trip. Even if it's going to result in a bunch of RariTwi gifs/screenshots/memes/what have you. I'll try not to get into a knife fight over it but I make no promises 'cause Rarijack is canon, I tells you. CANON.

(Also why does Rarity always get top billing in shipping portmanteaus? Is it because she's always on-- YOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND).

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Comments ( 3 )
Author Interviewer

But they already did that joke? :B

(Not reading the rest of the blog yet, just commenting on the image.)

Well I mean what else would you cal it, Appletini? Rarijack just sounds silly.

(Also why does Rarity always get top billing in shipping portmanteaus? Is it because she's always on-- YOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND).

She doesn't in Flarity, because oddly, Fluttershy is quite assertive when she wishes to be.

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