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How to train your dragon: The hidden world - trailer · 10:28pm Jun 7th, 2018


As a fan of the series, I've waited with trepidation the news of the release of the third movie and almost couldn't believe when a few days ago I saw the first pictures leaked by DreamWorks.

(The gang is back! And they look older! Which is great!)

Today the first trailer was finally released... and it was simply amazing!

(My very composed and professional reaction)

The graphic and colors are wonderful and I have no doubt the soundtracks will be as memorable as the ones of its prequels. From what I was able to gather on the web, the movie will show the events leading to the disappearance of the dragons from our world, and like it predecessors, it will include some really sad and dramatic moments (maybe even the death of one of the main characters if the title of one of the songs is of any indication :fluttercry:)

We'll also probably see a lot of romance, involving not only Hiccup and Astrid (:yay:), but also between Toothless (aka our beloved kitty-puppy-badass-cute-dragon overlord) and what seems to be the last female of his species, a Light Fury

(Aww, she's so pretty)

(Behold the majestic Night Fury mating dance!)

All in all, I simply can't wait for its release next spring :rainbowkiss:

... wait, next spring?!

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I'm 100% for this, happy with the direction they're taking it. Just hope the villain isn't a rehash of the last one tho :/


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