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    If clop isn't your thing, disregard this blog. If you do enjoy a good clop story, you are being informed that a multi-chapter, pick-your-character female POV solo story is being worked on as you read this, and I should be ready to publish it by Sunday. Keep an eye out, as I may end up publishing earlier!

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    Strange But True #22

    Moved these blogs to Mondays, as Tuesdays, I am busier and don't like rushing around to get things done, lol. Huzzah!

    Weird and fascinating Laws Edition! Enjoy!

    1. Flying a UFO over Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France is illegal. That's right -- don't fly over this place if you're an alien seeking humans for abduction!

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#1 Strange But True Facts · 3:03am May 31st, 2018

Hello! Welcome to the daily weird but true facts blog! Here you will find five facts that will blow your mind! I hope you find them as fascinating as I!

1. Some honey bee queens quack.
(Support link)

2. Days are longer than years on the planet Mercury.
(Support link)

3. Mike the chicken lived for 18 months after he was beheaded.
(Support link)

4. Clouds can weigh over a million pounds.
(Support link)

5. A doctor sells land on Mars for 10 acres/¢1.
(Support link)

This has been Strange But True! Tune in tomorrow for more strange but true facts!

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Comments ( 12 )

I want to own land on Mars too. T^T


10 acres for 1¢. :rainbowkiss:

4873267 I wonder what would happen if someone bought land everywhere? Lol


They'd be starting a Mars colony real soon, I guess. Lol


But not if you buy Mars before them. :rainbowkiss:

Then we could rename it Lyra World.

4873285 I don't have any extra cash. :p I'll just have to put it on my bucket list for now. :,)

I also think it would be cool to buy land on the moon. :rainbowkiss:

4873298 Hmm. I wonder if you can buy land on the rest of the planet's too? That would be kind of hard when it comes to the gas planets though. :0


I hear you can buy land on Venus too. I'm not sure about other planets, though. I imagine if they don't now, they will soon.

4873304 That's good to know. :rainbowkiss:

Poor Mike...got his head cut off and had to deal with it for 18 months...

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