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Anon-a-ran-out-of-puns · 4:27pm May 25th, 2018

Apparently, I can't go five minutes this morning without coming up with bits I didn't think of when I published. So, here's another thing (now IN the second to last chapter) that I'll share below.

“I saw the site,” Twilight interjected. “You kinda laid it on a bit thick, to be perfectly honest.” She pursed her lips. “Also, by that exact logic, it’s all of Applejack’s friends and not just Sunset who was the problem… I mean... if you actually thought this would work, you could have also set fire to their places of work!”

Scootaloo let out a massive sigh. "Hey, that was MY idea! But someone—" Scootaloo turned and glared at Apple Bloom "— complained that they'd lose their livelihood, home, and having food every day if we did that plan!"

"You wanted to set fire to our orchard!" Apple Bloom protested.

Scootaloo nodded. "But think of all the time you'd get to spend with your sister in the homeless shelter!"

Twilight rubbed the back of her head and turned towards her friends, "Erm... you have therapy on this planet, right?"

"Tossing her friends a worried look," Sweetie Belle spoke up, “Apple Bloom told me about it, uh... our sister's friends taking away time we might have to spend with them... Not the fire thing...

Okay, that's it... probably...

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