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Artwork! (You'll REALLY want to see this if you liked chapter 14!) · 10:07pm May 20th, 2018

So, I've been neglecting to come back here for a little while because of personal issues. Such is life. The good news is I'm pulling myself back together (slowly) and some recent artwork from the ultra-exceptionally talented Brisineo has been gifted to me.
The first few bits; sketches of my lovely waifu 4 laifu, Eos.

Then he coloured one of them, my favourite one of the three

After that, he did this, having read up to the most recent part of the story. I personally loved it.

But most importantly of all; and the reason I'm making sure to share this... well, it turned out he was commissioned by a friend of mine, and that's what got him to finally get around to reading Broken Bonds (he said he had it on a list of 'to read' anyway, but the commission made him want to do the necessary research to get it perfect).
I'm not going to directly show it here, because this piece is... beyond stunning. If you look carefully, you'll see so many details that are far too easy to miss. So here, click on !!!me/this!!! to go to the picture specifically, and make sure to leave a comment to say what you think of it. I promise you, its worth the effort.

Brisineo is tied as my favourite FoE artist alongside JetWave, with MisterMech following right up the rear. So if you like either of them two, definitely check him out.

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