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just another brony with random story ideas.

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    Ideas? Why do I have so many?!

    Okay, first - I'm alive and I am working on updates. Just wanna put that out there.

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    Another Idea, since I don't have too many of those

    Humanized or Anthro. Not quite sure yet

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    No, this post is moreso about 'Personal Head Canon'

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Delays and rewrites · 8:54am Apr 24th, 2018

So...I wrote out the next chapter for Discovering Friendship and...I don't like it. It's okay but it could be so much better. So I'm scrapping the whole thing and redoing the chapter, so the update is being pushed back by just a tidbit. Not everything in the chapter is changing, just bits and pieces to shift the story the way I want it to go. If you guys are interested, I'll put up the scrapped chapter somewhere, probably over on my Patreon(for free viewing, no purchase required, etc, etc)

But, some key things in this chapter.
-Shining Armor living up to his name
-Twilight Sparkle being a nerd
-The Duel between Nyx and Celestia
-Princess of the Night Shenanigans
-Applebloom's visions
-Scootaloo's Magic
-And a touch of Badass Spike.

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Comments ( 1 )

Then it's gona be even more worth of the wait
Thanks bro

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