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I'm sorry to anyone who ever read any of my stories and thought they'd go anywhere, and I'm sorry to anyone who believed in me.

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  • 10 weeks
    I've Given Up

    (May 21st, 2020) I'm sorry, but I'm making my departure from writing. Not just Pony Fanfiction, but everything. I've just been let down by myself too many times to count. I have so very many stories unfinished, deleted, and buried that I dont see the point in trying anymore. I know I've said this before a few times, that I've given up on writing, but this time I mean it. Do not expect any more

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    16 comments · 110 views
  • 10 weeks
    You Know, I Never Really Had Any Friends On This Site, And The Few I Did Have Left Long Ago

    I'm just gonna blame that in my current imability to write anything anything good, or rather anything at all... :applecry:

    Sorry if anyone's ever cared about anything I've ever written... I've uploaded, then deleted or cancelled more stories than I can count... I'm just sick of myself, and writing in general.

    2 comments · 23 views
  • 12 weeks

    It's amazing! Goodbye shitty laptop!

    1 comments · 13 views
  • 21 weeks
    I'm, ah, still alive...

    Does anyone even read these? Sorry for being gone so long everyone...

    I have been working on things, yet my life hasn't really been good lately... :fluttershysad:

    15 comments · 29 views
  • 35 weeks

    I'm 18 now!

    7 comments · 35 views

ZERO · 4:44pm Apr 2nd, 2018

"Did you know... there are three kinds of aces? Those who seek strength. Those who live for pride. And those who can read the tide of battle. Those are the three. And her... She was a true ace."

TThe Demon Comes On Rainbow Wings
Five years after the sky fell and decimated the planet, Rainbow Dash, desperate to get away from Equestria, signs up to fly as a mercenary in a far off war. You may take the sky out of the ace, but you will never take the ace from the sky.
Stellar_ · 12k words  ·  18  2 · 387 views

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