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  • EThey Shall Not Grow Old
    On the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, the last veteran performs one final service for his county.
    Stellar_ · 1.5k words  ·  133  2 · 2.5k views
  • TFREEDOM is Magic
    Tirek has taken over Equestria. But Equestria has some powerful allies. Allies in the form of a squadron of US Air Force A-10 Warthogs, who don't take kindly to allied nations being invaded.
    Stellar_ · 2.6k words  ·  279  21 · 4.4k views
  • TAugust In Black
    The Changelings have lost. Their cities destroyed, their Queen dead. Yet the war is not over. A bomber crew is assigned one final mission to remind the Equestrians of this fact: By using a Nuclear bomb to wipe the city of Las Pegasus off the map.
    Stellar_ · 2.8k words  ·  99  4 · 3.4k views
  • EA Short Interrogation
    With the war raging, a Changeling, hidden in Equestria, is given an offer.
    Stellar_ · 2.3k words  ·  30  1 · 757 views