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Card game enthusiast, overambitious writer, Jeskai tempomancer, and general nerd of various kinds. Check out my works if you like adventure, card games, crossovers, or other random happenings.

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All For One World · 5:33am Mar 16th, 2018

Oh yeah. It’s time we go there again. :rainbowdetermined2:

Report Zennistrad · 199 views · #digital harmony
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Comments ( 10 )

I might be alone here but I liked this show.

it had good ideas just fell flat. its not the worst of the seasons.

I liked it too. Though I'll admit the opening theme was the best.part of it. XP

Never actually saw this season; fell off the wagon after Tamers.

So is Digital Harmony going to be back soon, then?

I JUST love this opening, even if this was not my favorite season (that's Adventure 01 and 02)! I also liked the Kouji and Kouichi plot.

I recommend catching up then to see all the seasons you missed and Tri. Not to mention and movies you missed outside of Tri.


Eh, depends on how big a fan you are. The general consensus is that the anime series peaked at Tamers, and the seasons after it are generally considered average at best.

I like Frontier, but there's no denying it has some huge story problems.

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