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Seek An Editor? + Criticisms · 1:53pm Feb 19th, 2018

Question for you guys.

So the newest comment for Shattered Rainbow Rock has actually brought up a solid point and is something I completely overlooked. A lot of my word choices in this story, but even in my other works leave a lot of repetitiveness and make some characters sound not the way they should. While I do try to keep characters in character as much as I can, I'll admit, I don't think I do entirely well. Which is why my question comes to this.

Should I seek an editor to edit chapters before I post, or maybe when they're already out? Cause here's the thing guys, on one hand I would like to have the story fixed up so it looks more professional, but on another hand, I don't need to be spoiling vital plot-points or scenes to ANY of you until the chapters actually, you know, arrive?

What do you guys think?

Which brings me to the next problem. Now this is only me by the way, but I feel like my pacing in the story is going a bit rushed. Now this is just me, but honestly when I'm working on this, I'm trying to keep the chapters at a nice pace without wasting time and trying to keep our main focus together. Is the pacing alright?

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Try this group, it's chock-full of editors that can help you with your problem: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/97/looking-for-editors

Definatly get an editor

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