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New year's Projects! (January edition) · 2:44pm Jan 2nd, 2018

Hello everybody! We made it another year and 2018 has arrived! I hope you all had a great holiday and made cool plans for the rest of the year! I know I have (and probably more than I can handle :pinkiecrazy:)

So, I wanted to discuss what I have planned for January aside from the usual story updates:

1) I'm writing a collab story about pinkie pie traveling the globe! You can find more details about it here

2) I'm trying to better my grammar so I don't need to bother other people too much to edit my stories, and to that end, I took 3 requests last month maybe 2 months ago... December was a hell of a month for me... that I would use to practice my grammar. I plan on finishing them this month.

3) I kinda work in hypes, for example, When I began writing I was on a Fallout/ Wasteland (both the game and setting in general) hype. I created an alternate account where I would write Fallout Equestria only (Random Encounter, anyone remembers that?) before I expanded my writing genres and brought everything to my main account (here). Now I'm deep into a zombie hype, Can't stop playing Dying light and the sort. And of course, I had an idea for a cool, friendly zombie story that I'm dying (pun intended*) to write. I just hope I don't end up creating a secondary account for zombie stories only :facehoof::ajbemused:

So, yeah. Aside from these 3 new things, chapter 2 for The Nameless Queen is on its way alongside chapter 3 for Until death do us part! (That's right, that story isn't dead, it's just resting :derpytongue2:)

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