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A new story idea · 9:44pm Dec 15th, 2017

Once in a while I'll be struck with an interesting idea for a story that it just won't leave me. Worse, it'll be one I can't find on FiM and it begins to demand I write it into existence.

Here's the one that's plaguing me:
Prince Blueblood (keep reading) is banished from Equestria for some reason, say he's just being a spoiled brat or he's shaping up to be a very corrupt leader or he's even trying to push unicorn supremacist ideals. The reason doesn't matter so much as he's banished to a pre-industrial earth, perhaps bronze age to make it more likely that he could take command of a city/nation.

Since there's no magic on earth, none of the natural magical fields given off by everything in equestria, Blueblood's magic would be unnaturally strong. The equivalent of suddenly being on the moon, and being able to jump and lift things you couldn't on earth. He'd find himself in a world with magic unrivaled by Celestia, and a nation of hairless apes calling him the coming of their god.

Blueblood thinks the humans are disgusting but they take care of him, and over the years he starts to try to make their nation more like equestria, reworking their government, abolishing their old faiths, and instituting dress codes. eventually Blueblood grows corrupt from wielding the power of a god-king, becoming despotic and debauched like Caligula. Perhaps he keeps a harem of 'heavy flanked' women, insists that humans name their children like ponies, and ends up eradicating much of their old civilization as Blueblood soon discovers that he's no longer aging.

Generations go by and soon not a trace of the old human nation is left. Now its a corrupt mirror of Equestria, and only now Blueblood sees that the nation reflect the ruler. He begins sweeping changes to improve the lives of his people, and although he can't undo the harm he's done he accepts he has to protect and love his charges, ultimately becoming more like Aunt Celestia than ever before.

The ending would then be either it was all a dream/magical trick to allow him to see how his behavior would affect his subjects and he'd been in Equestria the whole time, OR Celestia arrives after a century to find a prosperous and much changed BlueBlood. She offers to allow him to return home but Blueblood chooses to remain and continue to do good for the humans, perhaps achieving Alicornhood in that moment.

the things my brain comes up with... XD
Not planning on writing this, I just had to write this blog or this idea wouldn't shut up. So this is up for adoption, so if you want to write it, have at it.

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Comments ( 7 )

I seem to recall the discussion that spawned part of this~

He's going darn good redemption ark to fix everything he's done, i can see it being a mine field to write.

It'd be a real challenge. One that, to me, looks tempting. Sadly I already have two stories in progress and no time to attempt it.

Odd premise indeed, but i like it, i usually like "watching a civilization form" type of stories :pinkiehappy:

Also, how will pony naming convention work for humans, i mean, what if a child is named Sweet Cakes and grows up to be soldier :twilightoops:?

It wouldn't work well at all. The problems of applying names like that to creatures in a world without any sort of magical destiny. XD

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