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PanzerBrony Metallicom

A 26 year old german, drumplaying, metalhead Brony (with ADHD), that loves WW2 stuff and good stories. Working as freelance editor and proofreader.

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  • 175 weeks
    I'm still here.

    Hello everybody.

    I'm not dead and still alive and kickin'. I'm also putting the finishing touches onto Chapter 10 of 'The Rise of Metal' (or TRoM for short) before it goes into editing. Most was done before the Metallica Concert in march but after that I had no time and inspiration to get the rest.

    Summer holidays work wonders sometime.

    Your PanzerBrony Metallicom

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  • 192 weeks

    Gonna see them tonight for the first time!! My first real and huge concert!

    I’m so excited!! And I just can’t hide it!!

    Have a nice Easter Holiday btw.


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  • 195 weeks

    Wonna see me take on some World of Warships?

    Going live in 10 minutes!

    Stream Link

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  • 202 weeks
    The Rise of Metal - Chapter 9

    It is finally up and done!!

    Let me know what you think about it!

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  • 202 weeks
    Great News

    Hello everypony!!

    After over a year of silence on „The Rise of Metal“ I can tell you the following:

    New chapter this weekend!! :yay:

    It’s been undergoing the editing process since last week and it only needs one or two more minor things.

    Get ready and get hyped!!

    I really can’t wait for your reaction to the new content.

    Have a nice week!!

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News #5 · 8:39pm Nov 24th, 2017

Hello everypony!

I hope you'll have a nice thanksgiving weekend or a relaxing weekend in general.

Anyway: shortly before I went to my drumleasons yesterday, I got a message from an uprising finish musican (Jay Ray) that he wanted to do a fanvideo of a song by him called 'Striven' (it's very nice and you should totally listen to it sometime). And since I sent him a few weeks ago a drumcover from me playing "Enter Sandman" from Metallica.

I was surprised when he found it pretty good, even to the obvious fact I made some mistakes there. So said if I could try and drumcover this song so that he could use the material for the video. I was so happy to deliver that I did it without second thought and without practice!

The (shite) drumcover is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-eSewfGtDMAtSI0Ip2D_zkdWjC01f5Nr

Needless to say I'm so excited, I really can't wait to see the final thing.

Cheers and stay awesome!

P.S: I'm sorry I haven't done much in the writing way, but I'm so busy with school atm, I'm not proud of myself. :ajsleepy:

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