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    State of the Author - January 2020

    This month, I finally broke loose again and was able to publish two updates, one for Legacy of the Greatest and one for Phantasmare.

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    State of the Author - September 2019

    So you may notice this blog comes over halfway through the month, for a retrospect of last month.

    There is a reason for that. Call it about 160 working hours in the month so far, and then a professional exam that I had to study for and write in between that.

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    State of the Reader - August 2019

    As far as I can tell, I read 1.12 million words in August on FIMfiction. Of that, about 10k were story updates. 546k were stories on my Read for Later or which popped up in the New box that were Incomplete/On Hiatus, and are now on tracking. The rest were either complete and so I was able to put them in one of my bookshelves, or I flagged off partways through the story and simply didn't care to

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    State of the Author - August 2019

    Today will be the first of three blogs. I think I'm going to try a 'State of the Author' and 'State of the Reader' blog each month from now on until my whimsy flags off. State of the Author should be fairly obvious. State of the Reader will be more about the FIMfics I've read, and attempting to compile a word count read. The third one this month will be a one-off combined on my BronyCon

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    BronyCon Sunday - Looking for a Muse

    So tomorrow is the last day of BronyCon. With that a lot of people leave early. I don't leave until Monday at 1030am on a flight however. I'll probably either go to a party or dinner after closing ceremonies if plans don't fall through but there is still a lot of hours after that before I would need to sleep.

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New Double Diamond and Starlight Glimmer fic idea · 5:49am Nov 19th, 2017

I think I said some time ago I might do another fanfiction about Double Diamond and Starlight Glimmer, if I could think of a suitable idea.

I might just. It could probably be an alt-sequel to Glimmer in the Snow that drastically dovetails from canon, or just its own standalone story. The basic gist is that after cleaning up from the events of Cutie Map episodes, DD decides to leave town in pursuit of Starlight as he feels it his responsibility to end what he started. In the process, he begins to truly hound Glimmy to the point that she actually has to full-time evade him instead of merely hiding out and researching Twilight. It depends on if I can come up with enough character development scenes for both and action and progression to fill a story.

This was actually inspired by a random blargh moment when I remembered a throwaway line in what is probably a decade old Harry Potter alt history fanfic where Snaps breaks the Fidelius Charm and it's quoted something like 'Severus Snape was the only wizard in history to break the Fidelius Charm by pure dogged determination in trying to find his targets'. Applied to pony with DD relentlessly hunting Starlight it could make an interesting narrative.

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