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I am a Youtuber I have a Twitter @1DoctorPony I have lots story's to tell and I want to write some stuff for you all to enjoy

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  • 23 weeks
    So here’s the plan

    The plan O p e r a t I o n H e l p m e G o d

    .Write chapters and rewrite chapters
    .Do each one at a time but update story’s with short chapters if have too
    ..finish Ace Ventura chapter 2 that you’ve been waiting for.
    ..wishing you all a Marry Christmas

    God I hope I do this.

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  • 30 weeks
    I haven’t touched this in a year let’s do this


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  • 30 weeks
    So hey

    I put this on my JSE story, and someone commented that I should put it here so.

    So hey, it’s been a while, it’s a my 2 year anniversary. I thought I would come back but still I have so stay tuned people, ideas are coming and also would you like me to do markipler, just a thought?

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  • 82 weeks
    1 year of Fimfiction

    So I'm late for this, but I would like to say that I might have forgotten that Halloween was that day but anyway, one year of fimfiction that's a long time. I know that I myself have bad writing but the most important thing behind that is that I want to get the stories that I'm trying to tell to be told in the best possible way I can, I'm only one person. Recently I've been using Fanfiction a

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  • 95 weeks
    Making a new story

    Hey eveyone I would like to announce that I will also lucifer story a sneek peek in the new story I have for you all

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I need a editor · 12:00pm Nov 14th, 2017

I need a editor badly so if anyone could help me that will be good.

Report DoctorPony · 151 views · Story: My life in Equestria · #Editor
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Comments ( 8 )

I'll be your editor.

I can edit as well it’s a good thing to have at least two or three editors.

Ok but how do I send you it I have no idea

Yes but how do I send you it

Yes but how do I send it

Send me the link the tell me the password but you have to PM me.

What does PM mean

Private message the one the says Mail I’ll PM you right now.

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