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I'm back, perhaps · 4:42pm Jul 29th, 2017

Hello, everyone. I can't believe it's been two years since i've been off this site.

You may not remember my last blog post, so i'll sum it up. I basically said that I was going to swear off TV, internet, games, and many other things to really just focus on myself. I felt as if my life wasn't really going much of anywhere, which was a bit foolish. I was and still am young yet, and things take time to come to fruition. I thought that taking much of that stuff away would let me focus on myself and myself alone and I could become greater than I am. I guess I just didn't have the patience or i'm honestly not quite sure what my deal was.

You see... That didn't exactly go super well. I basically became a shut-in. I'd lock myself in my room and either just sleep or stare the walls. It affected my relationships too, because i'd shut out people as well. Certainly didn't make any friends or do any favors for myself by doing so. If someone tried to get close, i'd just get colder. I wouldn't let anyone or anything in. I kind of got a reputation was, well... A heartless jerk. When I try to think back and understand why I became that way, I just can't wrap my head around how I was. It feels like a totally different person, you know?

Anyhow, i've been taking steps to try and change my life around. They haven't been super successful and i'm not planning on becoming a party animal anytime soon, mind you, but hey, with time and effort, as they say. It can be difficult to climb out of a hole after you've dug one for yourself, it seems, especially one so deep. I fear, if I don't change my ways now, i will only drift further away from what I wanted to be to begin with. The way that you learn and grow is by interacting with the world around you. Shutting it out leaves you in a static state, one in which you only destroy what once was and what could have been. One in which you end up destroying yourself.

In any case, i'm going to be here to see if i'd like to come back. I haven't really watched any new episodes yet, like... The last episode I remember watching was the one where Flurry Heart is introduced. Oddly worked my way up to that one despite my shut-in, anti-internet status. I guess i'll have to catch up, huh? Also, I logged in with 1696 updates on my feed, so if I missed anything, I missed a lot. Like, wow. You guys have been busy.

I look forward to trying to catch up, see what you guys have been up to. I, um... Really don't know what else to say beyond that.

- Brutal Heart

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