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Strange request, but ... · 4:46pm Oct 9th, 2012

... is anyone out there with experience in Old English willing to lend me a hoof? I'm 7,000 words into my historical adventure-slash-crack crossover, and the three tribes of ponies speak different languages, which I've chosen to represent via different historical dialects of English. (It works. Gods help me, I think it works.) The various online dictionaries and resources I've been using have been sufficient to pepper in a few words of Ān-horn here and there, but it would be awesome to have an occasional sentence or two that most readers can figure out from context and that academic readers can appreciate on another level.

So, if that didn't make it obvious: the project hight "Haylander: Origins" hath greatly occupied mine brain-meats, and though at times it vexes me sore with its research and plotting, it hath advanced unto the stage of pre-reading, to general acclaim. Once I have built up a sufficient buffer to feel confident that the beginning won't change, I shall unleash its early chapters onto the world.

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Sorry man wish I could help unfortunately my old English so to speak is mostly a joke like reading Shakespeare ish out loud joke

Hey, wow, this is random...

...I can do that! Um, well, I haven't studied it officially... but I've done a fair bit of research, and been looking into it as kind of a hobby, on and off, for a few years. I know a bit about sentence structure, word tenses, and stuff like that.

I can't fluently write in it all the time or anything, but if it's a matter of constructing a few legitimate, proper Old English sentences... I can totally do that! I've also got a bunch of online resources that are pretty great that you could check out if you want!

(I found you because of your featured story... don't have a chance to read it just now, but it looks totally awesome! Definitely stoked to read it when I get a chance!)

Holy smokes! Thank you for speaking up. :twilightsmile: Give me a day or so to get organized and dig out from the extra Fugue State attention, and I'll drop you a PM.

I could help, if I'm not to late.

I think 990030 got busy, because one or both of us (quite possibly me) dropped the ball and this (admittedly lower-priority) project remains untouched. I'll send you a PM.

Do you still need help with this?

I might be able to rope my GF into helping. She is studying to by a history professor and might be able to help so she can put it on her resume.

> Do you still need help with this?

For future readers, the generic answer to this question is "yes" — even if someone here gets back to me, an extra pair of knowledgeable eyes can't help but make sure I get it (more) right. :twilightsmile:

I don't know how much of a résumé-builder this would be (seeing as how it's a piece of fantasy fanfiction about brightly colored talking ponies), but I'm happy to send some details by PM and you/she can see if you're interested!


I doubt she would be interested. She "gets bronies" but isn't one. But she might have some good resources.

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