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Chapter 6- Confrontation · 5:04am Jul 21st, 2017

Okay, so I have the newest chapter finished. Unfortunately, I started writing the last of it on my iPad. I never imagined that the iPad safari web browser wouldn't allow me to import gdocs, so only the first four hundred words or so have the italics and bold marks written out so that Fimfiction recognizes them. The rest of the chapter won't come through as intended, so I'll have to wait until I can get to a computer proper to be able to copy it over.

For all of you however, I see no reason to withhold the chapter itself from those who'd want to read it, for everyone who wants a gander-


There you go, if you so want it. Tell me what you think?

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I still haven't read the little nemo story you've written. So, I have no context for what's happening save for the fact that Edward Bear St. Claire should go down like every other variant of pedo bear ever.

Looks pretty good. Though that isn't exactly how Alex Armstrong would say it if I remember correctly. Also I think the xenomorphs turned into zerglings along the way, or else one of us missed an earlier mention of them... Also isn't it a bit contradictory for him to use xenomorphs that have inspired so many nightmares to fight a nightmare? Especially in a foals dream?

To clarify-

'The word itself is a Greek construct. It combines the prefix xeno, meaning "foreign" or "strange," with the suffix morph, which means a shape or form with the prefix's supplied attributes. The word xenomorph in this context is a generic term for any "strange or foreign form"—any alien life form.Aug 2, 2014'

They used the word to describe the alien in the movie, not outright name it. In a matter of fact, the zerglings are also xenomorphs.


Well, we know the ones developed by the Predator species for sport were not technically created by the David android. So, unless the Predator aliens were time lords, I shall dub the Xenomorphs from Alien1-AVP2 'the originals' and the new ones from the Prometheus movie onwards 'retroactive continuity' that should avoid any confusion that may present itself. Or, we could go the 'Smeerp' route and call them all Gingers... but this is not racially motivated as they genuinely look like Giger parasites and are the color or ginger snaps. Put an __N__ somewhere in their name and Giger becomes ginger.


are you going to make anymore gamer displace chapters ?
i really like it.!:pinkiehappy:

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