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    Twilight was always the best pony.

    Heck yes, G1 Twilight.

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    Prototype Shining Armor

    I thought you guys would find these interesting . . . Prototype pictures of Shining Armor, from the Arena.

    Different hair materials tested:

    Different mold, too:

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    MLP scans: the crackiest crack of all.

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    I'm also throwing out a blatant plug for my Tumblr, entitled Heck Yeah, Pony Scans!

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    Context is for the weak

    I wish I had the patience to split up the G1 comic panels into individual JPGs that could be randomized, like that one guy did with Garfield.

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Twilight was always the best pony. · 5:50am Oct 7th, 2012

Heck yes, G1 Twilight.

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Noooo! You know that nothing good comes from trying to solve problems with time travel, Twilight!


Heh, I'm glad that we have someone who can let us know how it all looked back in G1. Where were these short stories found?

408692 I have a Tumblr called Heck Yeah Pony Scans where I regularly upload pony stuff. :pinkiehappy: Mostly from the G1 comic books, which were glorious and insane and cracktastic.

Specifically, I recommend A Worrying Time, Applejack's Amazing Adventure, Pony Land in Danger, and this story detailing how ice cream is made (slavery).

Oh yes, also The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness, where the ponies invade another kingdom for great justice.

That ending almost reads like creepypasta.

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