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Bringing personal and commission horse words to you over a cup of steaming Earl Gray! I write in many genres, for all audiences. Check my library bookshelves for convenient sorting of my stories.

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    Wet Pussy III: Tit Fracas - New Today

    Hello Everypony,

    Yep, I did it again. What began with me just being sick for a few days and desiring to entertain myself just became a trifecta of misunderstanding madness. Not sorry! :rainbowlaugh:

    Anyway, good to see you all, as it is good to chatter with you on Discord. Don't be strangers and enjoy! :heart:

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    Goodnight, Bronycon...


    I'm sorry, but by the quiet glow of a city soon to wake at 4am, I don't have it in me to say much more. The hardest part is not going back to life. It's going back to a world where none of this is really understood.

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    Really Now

    So I'm looking over the performance of my stories, and it occurs to me.

    You people just want me to write about mares with ahems, don't you.

    Yes, that's a highly technical term.


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    The least I can do.

    So I'm standing in Andy Price's line, and I plan to be here for as long as it takes. Because he's got the best taste for nostalgia, and because of a sketch he did for somebody else years ago, I want to ask him if he'll do one for me and my dad, who passed on but days hence, in a similar vein.

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    FriendshipCon 2019 - New Today!

    Hello Everypony,

    As promised, enjoy my contribution to the end of Bronycon - a squirmy little number number called "FriendshipCon 2019". I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that if you were able to make it, you enjoy your time at BronyCon!

    Come play my games at Stabletop, there's a signup sheet and everything :rainbowwild:

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Bronycon Roomies? · 3:16pm Jun 14th, 2017

Hello there everypony,

So I've set out feelers in some other places, and I figured it can't hurt to do the same here, right? There's a bunch of ponies around these parts, after all!

Here's the thing. I'm a con-goer from way back, but 2015 was my first experience at Bronycon. It was fun, but I didn't have a room, nor anypody to share that part of the experience with. Thus I felt my experience there was limited (I had to take the light rail nearly 45 minutes one way, twice every day, just to get back to my parents' house for crash space). Last year a friend and I did get a room, and we had an absolutely lovely time. We're doing it again this year, but the original plan was to split the room between three people, and our 'third' had to cancel. Thus, our budgets, which were constructed under a plan involving three people, are going to be impacted. My companion just had a son a few weeks ago too, so you can imagine how much of a budgetary problem that is! (I certainly know!)

So we're looking for a third person to split this room with. I know, I know, there's a thread on bronycon.org for this very topic, but I'm trying my hoof in other places first. We're staying at the Hilton, which is arguably the best hotel for events at the Baltimore convention center because it is connected directly to the con via covered skywalk (quite a boon in August heat). We've got the room for three nights (thursday, friday, and saturday), but would be willing to make a concession for folks who aren't able to show up on thursday.

So, are you a writerhorse, or a readerhorse, looking for a room at Bronycon for a third of the cost? Message me and we'll talk. Adults only please, and it will be necessary to pay your share via paypal before the convention (say the week before), as I can't afford to pay two shares up front and be reimbursed for one after the fact.

We're good folks who just want to have a fun time at a great con. Friendship is Magic!! :heart:

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Comments ( 3 )

I'm a bit unclear are you looking for people or actual horses?

Take a wild guess :rainbowlaugh:


My roomie and I have figured out our situation for Bronycon, so this matter is settled. Thank you! :heart:

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