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    So I'm looking over the performance of my stories, and it occurs to me.

    You people just want me to write about mares with ahems, don't you.

    Yes, that's a highly technical term.


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Really Now · 1:47pm Aug 3rd, 2019

So I'm looking over the performance of my stories, and it occurs to me.

You people just want me to write about mares with ahems, don't you.

Yes, that's a highly technical term.


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Futa is a very popular thing. Someone better versed in the, shall we say, erotic arts, could probably explain also to why, but it is quite popular indeed.

I'm aware, heh.


That, and better your horsewords than the flavor of the day clopfic that made it into the feature box because, well, it's a clopfic, and as the old saying goes, The Internet Is For Porn.

Avenue Q is law, naturally. I fetish because it pleases me, however. Unless somebody paid for it.

I found and followed you because of (and in hopes of seeing a continuation of) Custodian: Pegasus Nights, not your futa works.

So, no, that's not what I want you to write. I wanna see more worldbuild-y, story-driven porn. That's MY fetish. :twilightsmile:

You and me both, Karkat. You and me both.

Okay, good! Thank you for saying so, it actually helps.

In fact, I really can't STAND futa stuff, unless it's implemented in a particularly believable way, and ALSO written really well.

Sometimes writers will acknowledge that intersex exists naturally, and that's great, but then ruin it by referring to it as futa or herm in-universe. (*coughSexEdPonyStylecough*) But herm is a shortened version of an outdated, somewhat offensive term (hermaphrodite; fine when referring to things that are that way by design, like certain types of fish or worms or whatever, but inaccurate when referring to intersex individuals) and futa is explicitly the fetish-ized version. Like using "Ebony" to describe a black person. It's dehumanizing and gross, reducing their entire personhood down to a single characteristic. And then when people draw them, their dicks aren't even ATTACHED to anything; they're just kinda coming out of nowhere. And they're never shaped right! Dicks are cylindrical, more or less, but people draw them like football shaped? It's like they've never actually seen one in real life before. The whole situation just squicks me out, honestly.


... Anyway, sorry for the soapbox. I get really put off when I accidentally see or think about porn that doesn't stay confined to how anatomy works, within the bounds of physics. It's the same reason I'll never understand why people like drawing girls with boobs twice the size of their torso, or dudes with cocks bigger than their whole legs. It's just grotesque.

Which is not to say that intersex people are grotesque, of course; it's just that usually, people who draw futa don't bother observing physics and they just have a dick floating out of nowhere, at approximately clit level.

I find there to be a difference between the terms. 'Hermaphrodite' is a scientific term used to refer to a creature that has, to some developmental level or another (usually not fully formed in one or the other), sexual characteristics of both that species' genders. 'Futanari' is not a technical or scientific term. It's a fantasy sexual fetish, intended to refer to the equally 'fantasy' concept of a being that is considered entirely female in all respects, except that they happen to have male genitalia anyway. Not to be confused with people who are transgender, either. Again, 'futanari' is a sexual fetish. Being trans is not.

I get what you're saying, not everything is for everyone. I don't care for extremely oversized breasts or genitals either, on the same grounds - anatomical ridiculousness. Like..what's attractive about a penis that can't be used for sexual acts because it's too large? What's the point of a chest that is so massive the poor woman can barely carry it around? If you read through my stories, you'll find that I very rarely, if ever, describe sexual characteristics in terms of size. I leave that up to the reader, to picture them as they like.

One thing I have learned is that some fetishes aren't enjoyed for the reasons one might expect. I've had some discussions with people who are into certain fetishes I can't understand, and ended up finding out their reasons are...entirely different than what I thought the purpose of the fetish was. Diapers are definitely that way - I was surprised by that, and though I'm not into it, I was able to understand the reasons some people have for liking them. Futanari I feel is the same thing. It's less about the concept of 'break with anatomical correctness and put this here' and more about the psychological effect behind it being there. Or even the related power struggle - oh no, I have this now, what should I do, etc etc.

Complicated all :twilightblush:

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