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    TrotCon, Moonlight, and how to write professional speedfics

    First off, I wanted to thank everyone who read and commented on Moonlight. It's definitely my favorite story I've written yet, and it was great to see it get such a positive reception. As far as a sequel goes, I have no plans at the moment, but I might revisit it later for a short story or oneshot. The dream setting opens up a lot of possibilities, and that made it a really fun story to

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  • 561 weeks
    I will never sleep

    Looks like I'm starting another fairly long multi-part story against my better judgement. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. I will probably regret this in a few months.

    Anyway, it's based on an idea I've been working on for a few months. I'll try to post chapters on a fairly regular schedule, unless life gets in the way.

    Stay tuned for terrible things happening to Scootaloo.

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    I'm going to be at Trotcon in Columbus, OH this weekend. I'll be doing two panels, "Fanfiction Discussion Panel" and "How and How Not to Write Great Fanfiction," from 5:30-8:30 PM on Saturday, June 15, along with milesprower06, ROBcakeran53, and

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    Weekly Writer's Workshop

    I'll be doing an interview at 3 PM (EST) today on the Weekly Writer's Workshop with Golden Vision. We'll be talking about that one story I wrote that a lot of people read, as well as tips for aspiring writers. It's the perfect thing to listen to if you're trying to write a story, but don't want to actually work on it, so you're

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  • 594 weeks
    A Cutie Mark Crusaders Christmas!!

    I guess that "A Cutie Mark Crusaders Hearth's Warming Eve" would be more accurate, but it doesn't have the catchy alliteration.

    I just finished a new story and submitted it, so it should be up on the site pretty soon!

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Hearth's Warming Care Package · 1:44pm Oct 5th, 2012

Maybe you've already seen the post on Equestria Daily, but I thought I'd tell everyone about it here as well.

The Hearth's Warming Care Package is a project by PonIver to help out Kiki Havivy, a seven-year-old pegasister who's been fighting against a brain tumor. I actually first heard about her from Tara Strong at Canterlot Gardens. The community has already raised thousands of dollars to help her, but this project is a bit more personal.

We're holding a fanfiction contest to write a Hearth's Warming Eve story for Kiki. The winning story will be published, illustrated, and sent to Kiki along with some art and custom toys from artists in the fandom. We want to show her just how many people out there have been helping her.

The press release by PonIver gives a lot more detail, including submission rules. The deadline is November 10, so you've got a little over a month.

Click here for official information and rules

As a judge, I can tell you a little bit about what we want to see. Obviously your stories need to be appropriate for children. We're looking for stories about canon characters, preferably the mane six, rather than background ponies or OCs. And keep the writing style short and simple - it will be a picture book, after all.

And, of course, give whatever you can to Kiki's charity fund.

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I hope Kiki gets better.

Congrats on being a judge, I really wish I had easier classes this semester so I could focus more on writing but enough moping. Hope you read some good stuff!

I can't give money (i'm 15 with no job), but I will definately write for this. I've had a show-accurate and appropriate story in mind for a while now, and I figure it would be best used for this.

Man, I really want to do this. It would be awesome to make this girl's Christmas with a story, but I'm more of a grimdark writer...:fluttershysad: I guess I could try but...:ajsleepy:

PS: congrats on being a judge. Really proves your skills are respected in the community.

I really wish I could help, but I've got no money, and can't write
She's in my prayers

It's not exactly relevant yet, but I've searched all the rules and blog posts and I can't find anywhere the limit on how long the story can be, or how many chapters it must have, if more than one.

Slightly difficult to begin brainstorming a nice story without that info, so does anybody know yet? Or will it be released at a certain time?


The average picture book is about 1000-2000 words. I wouldn't break it into chapters.

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