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Long Time No See · 7:24am May 18th, 2017

All right, I guess it is about time I get a bit of info out here.

As you may have noticed, it's gone quiet around here, which is for several reasons. Yes, by now I have to admit, I'm a bit burned out on A Silver Summer, yet I still have all the ideas in my head and am looking to one day conclude it. Also, my creative attention has shifted drastically to Zootopia over the past year, which is important for reasons explained below.

So, to make it short, I've been recently (a week ago) been diagnosed with depression. Not only has the constant stress of about 3 years of mind-numbing work caught up to me. I've also started recently realizing and accepting a long string of various problems and bad experiences for myself. Parts of these go back for 20 years, maybe even more. It's a lot to deal with, and these past weeks have been framed by extreme mood swings, constant nervous breakdowns and long needed talks with good people I finally found.

Since I only just started to recover and am still trying to find a way forward for me, I won't go into further details at this point. But, just to have it said, it is okay to ask questions if you do want to know more (be that i the comments or via pm). I cant guarantee to answer everything, of course, but knowing people care is always welcome. The most important part for me now is to learn trusting people again, as well as focussing on the things in my life I enjoy the most. Unfortunately, in that sense, this currently means writing for a different fandom. So, A Silver Summer is far from being dead, yet can be considered as in hibernation until further notice.

I want to thank everybody who supported me here so far and hope I can one day return to finish what I have started.

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Comments ( 3 )

Aw, sucks to hear things haven't been going well for you, but thanks for letting us know. :fluttershyouch:

Sorry to hear about what happened.

I feel your pain, man. I was diagnosed with Bipolar, which shares many aspects with depression.
Anyway, while I wholeheartedly look forward to the next update for A Silver Summer, I fully support you if you feel you need to take a break from it. Take as long as you need, and don't feel like you need to do something extra-special to make up for lost time when you do feel like coming back.

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